Why you should not Eat late at Night

Why you should not Eat late at Night

Nutritionists advise to eat dinner early. Eating food at night before 7 pm can save you from many physical problems. Eating late at night does not allow the body to absorb nutrients properly. Eating late at night increases insulin levels, which is responsible for diabetes.

Eating dinner late-

# Weight gain

# May cause indigestion

# Sleep disturbance occurs

# The risk of diabetes and heart attack also increases

# Affects cholesterol levels

# Cholesterol levels increase

# Causes heart problems and other health problems

# Eating food late at night has a negative effect on the brain

# If you eat late at night and go to sleep, the stomach does not get enough time to digest the food. It can cause acidity.

# Eating dinner late makes you feel more hungry. This is because glucose in the body produces the hormone ghrelin, which in turn increases hunger.


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