Lip problems and solutions

Lip problems and solutions

Lip problems

Many of us have many lip problems. Someone lips are getting black, someone lips are changing color. Some people have inflammatory problems on the lips, or chapped lips, skin peeling on the lips, or allergies due to the use of cosmetics on the lips. In addition, there are various problems such as pain in the lips, irritation, swelling of the lips. The cause of the above mentioned problems should be found out first, otherwise treatment is not possible.

So it is hoped that it will be easier for the readers to understand if the problems are discussed separately:

(1) Lip peeling: Many people with this type of problem develop mild inflammation and peeling of the lips for no apparent reason. In most cases, the upper lip is affected and there are small cells that protrude from the lip and sometimes it is scaly. This problem is likely to be persistent and recurring.

Some people have long-standing inflammation of the lips and the skin peels off from time to time. There may also be problems with chapped lips. As a result, there may be problems like pain, burning in the lips. In this case, the lower lip is more affected. Chewing the lips with teeth, the effect of sunlight, various diseases like psoriasis, dandruff etc. can also cause this kind of inflammation on the lips.

Using things that can cause irritation or discomfort to the lips, such as lipstick, dentures, and mouthwash can also cause inflammation. It can also be caused by sensitivity to aftershave or pre-shave lotions and other substances.


* The only ideal treatment is to find the cause and eliminate it

* Topical use of steroid cream is beneficial.

* Zinc oxide ointment is very useful if the lips are chapped.

(2) Contact Allergy of the Lips : Symptoms of allergic inflammation of the lips are dry lips, chapped lips, swelling of the lips, crusting of the lips and inflammation of the corners of the lips. Lip allergies usually appear along the outer line of the lips. Lip allergy can be caused by contact with various substances such as: lipstick, nail polish cigarette holder, cosmetics, food, sunscreen balm used on lips, gel used on chapped lips etc. Moreover, it can also be caused by contact with various fruits like oranges, mangoes, lemons, etc.


* Allergic substances should be avoided.

* Topical steroid cream should be used.

* Anti-histamine tablets should be used by mouth.

(3) Inflammation of the lips in the sun or sunlight: After many years of exposure to strong sunlight, inflammation of the lips, especially the lower lip, can occur. In these cases, the lips may appear as white dead cells, the lips may swell and crack, and in rare cases, lip cancer may occur. Creams can be used topically to treat pain. Cryosurgery can also be done if needed.

Drug-induced lip lesions: Adverse reactions or lesions on the lips may occur as a side effect of certain medications. Medications include methyldopa, largactyl, phenobarbital, etc. used for blood pressure. Sunlight may also contribute to this problem. Symptoms are painful or sore to the touch but no swelling of the lips. Pain or discomfort may last for several weeks.

Treatment: In these cases, the disease will be cured only by stopping the use of medicines.

(4) Inflammation of the corners of the lips: This problem can be given to the corners of the lips in old age. It can also be caused by upper lip and cheek drooping in people who use dentures or in old age. Inflammation of the corners of the lips can be complicated by yeast candida infection. Other causes include vitamin B deficiency or Candida in the mouth of diabetics, AIDS patients may have such problems.

Treatment and Remedies: Correct placement of teeth in the elderly, bonding and solving all dental problems can get rid of this problem. Candida can be treated with Nystatin, Vioform etc.

(5) Blackening of Lips : Many women often complain that their lips are turning black and what to do, how to get rid of it etc. In most cases, the misuse of cosmetics or cosmetics can lead to black spots on the lips or darkening of the lips. Using too much lipstick or any cream can also cause this problem. Applying very dark lipstick or sleeping without removing the lipstick can often result in black spots on the lips. If so, there is not much to do. But Vaseline regularly. Use can be beneficial. Glycerin can also be used. Among the home remedies, lemon mixed with raw milk and applied on the lips can also be beneficial.

Men can also have the problem of darkening of the lips. But in most cases, this can be the case for smoking. So they should give up smoking habit. 2% Eldoquin cream can be used for dark spots as per doctor advice. For women it is recommended to stop using lipstick.


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