How to Stop Hair Loss

How to Stop Hair Loss

How to Treat Hair

When a patient approaches a doctor with his hair loss problem, a complete history of his disease is required for treatment. For example, how long is the problem of hair fall, how much hair is falling every day, whether there is any other disease in the body. A lot of related questions should be asked to the patient about recent major illness, current stress etc. In the case of women, whether the habit of taking birth control pills has been for a long time, whether the problem of hair loss is post-partum, these should also be asked to the patient. Hair loss can be hereditary in many cases. That is why every hair loss patient needs to know their genetic history. Treatment should also be done according to the history and cause. For example, if someone has jaundice, persistent typhoid fever, chicken pox, stomach ailments, mental stress or hair loss after becoming a new-born mother then there is no need to use any medicine. The patient should be fully reassured in these cases that this is a normal process and the problem will remain for four to five months. Hair will grow back. All these patients should eat nutritious food, especially vitamin rich fruits and vegetables. Vitamins, zinc, iron capsules or tablets may be recommended in the case of dietary advice.

If children have hair loss problem, proper investigation should be done to see if the child is suffering from any kind of stress in the family or school. Whether getting nutrition according to age.

Cancer patients experience hair loss during chemotherapy treatment. New hair can grow within three/four months of stopping chemotherapy. Stress can cause hair loss in many people. And none of us are free from mental anxiety.

If someone has a sudden fungal attack on the head or various types of inflammatory diseases including seborrheic dermatitis then hair can fall out. Therefore, in all these patients, the head should be carefully monitored and treatment should be given. If you suddenly change the brand of oil or shampoo, if you use the first shampoo on your head, if you use it according to the advice of different people, even if you do hair straightening, curling, etc., many people may lose hair. In all these cases, the patient should stop using hair curls and various procedures. Hair needs to be kept clean. Because hair can fall due to impurity and dirt.

People with thyroid gland disease may also have symptoms of hair loss along with other symptoms. Therefore, in these patients, all types of diseases should be properly examined and treated. It will also solve the problem of hair fall.


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