Natural Benefits and Healing Properties of Apples

Natural Benefits and Healing Properties of Apples

Apple (Malus sylvestris)

Apple is one of the sub-acid fruits. It is a fleshy fruit and its color is greenish yellow to red. Its diameter is 5-7 cm and the shell is yellowish white. Apples play an important role in the metabolic functions of the body and in the continuous growth and normal functioning of the body.

Origin and spread

Apple is a native fruit of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. 

Food quality

Apple is a very nutritious food. There are so many minerals and vitamins. This fruit contains - sugar 30%, glucose 24% and sucrose, 15%, water content 64, calcium 10 mg, phosphorus 14 mg, iron 1 mg, fat 0.0, vitamin A 40 IU, fiber 3.0, carbohydrates 13.4

Apple to cure diseases

Raw apples contain a small amount of starch, which is converted to sugar during ripening. As the sugar content increases, so does the acid content in apples.

Apples are rich in vitamin C when eaten raw.

Natural benefits and healing rituals

Apples are valuable for maintaining good health. The active medicinal component of apples is pectin. This substance is found in the inner part of the apple skin and in the skin. Pectin helps detoxify the body. It also helps in preventing the breakdown of proteins in the esophagus. Malic acid present in apples is also beneficial for the brain.


As apples are rich in iron and phosphorus, they work well in treating anemia.


Raw apples are good for constipation. Two apples a day helps cure diarrhea.


Apple works well in chronic dysentery. Ripe and sweet apples should be crushed and eaten several times a day.


Apple is very good for headache. A ripe apple eaten every morning is good for annoying headaches.

Heart disease

Apples are valuable for heart patients. It is rich in potassium and phosphorus which is a very effective remedy for heart disorders. The high amount of potassium in apples helps to keep heart disease at bay.

High blood pressure

Apples are considered for high blood pressure. Apples bring blood pressure down to normal. Apples are good for the kidneys as they provide very little sodium chloride.

Kidney stones

Apples are also very effective in kidney stones. Apples help dissolve kidney stones.

Dental problems

Apple acid stimulates the secretion of saliva, which is beneficial for teeth. When apples are eaten, the acid present in apples also acts as an antiseptic on tooth germs.


Apple strengthens the body in physical weakness. Eating apples every day maintains good health and increases skin radiance.


Apples are eaten raw and eaten at the end of a meal. Apples can be used in salads, making jellies, and also as juice.


Apple should not be eaten on an empty stomach as it may cause indigestion. Apples should be eaten thoroughly cleaned.


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