Natural Benefits and Medicinal Properties of Amlaki (gooseberry)

Natural Benefits and Medicinal Properties of Amlaki (gooseberry)

Amlaki (gooseberry) Emblica officinalis

Amlaki (gooseberry) is a precious fruit of nature. It is the richest source of natural vitamin C, which helps the body to maintain good health and longevity.

Amlaki (gooseberry) to cure diseases

Amlaki (gooseberry) is small, round. It is thick and hard. Its color is yellow and diameter ranges from 1.22 cm to 2.1 cm.

Origin and spread

Amlaki (gooseberry) is a native plant of the subcontinent. It has been used as an important ingredient in various medicines since ages.

Food quality

Amlaki (gooseberry) mainly contains high levels of vitamin C. 2870 mg of vitamin C is available from every 100 Amlaki (gooseberry). Vitamin C can be obtained even when dried and powdered.Amlaki (gooseberry) fruit also has-Minerals, calcium, protein, phosphorus, fat, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamin C, vitamin B complex.

Natural benefits and healing rituals

Amlaki (gooseberry) has many medicinal values. Fresh Amlaki (gooseberry) is laxative and diuretic. Fresh Amlaki (gooseberry) juice is used to treat various diseases. Consuming it regularly every day maintains good health.

Diseases of the respiratory system

Amlaki (gooseberry) is useful in pulmonary tuberculosis, asthma and bronchitis.


High levels of vitamin C in Amlaki (gooseberry) are quite effective against diabetes. Consuming one tablespoon of Amlaki (gooseberry) juice daily reduces blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

Heart disease

Amlaki (gooseberry) is considered to cure heart disease. Amlaki (gooseberry) restores the health of the body and renews physical strength.

Eye disease

Consuming Amlaki (gooseberry) juice daily keeps eyesight good. Effective in treating glaucoma. One cup of amlaki juice should be mixed with honey and consumed daily.


For the treatment of rheumatism, Amlaki (gooseberry) should be mixed with jaggery and consumed daily for a month.


Amlaki (gooseberry) is used in the treatment of scurvy due to its high content of vitamin C. Amlaki (gooseberry) should be taken twice a day with one spoonful.

Diarrhea and dysentery

In the treatment of diarrhoea, a drink made by mixing sugar with Amlaki (gooseberry), which controls dysentery.

Skin care

Amlaki (gooseberry) has aging delaying effect. It prevents aging and maintains strength. Protects against infection by improving the body immunity.

Hair growth

Amlaki (gooseberry) works like a tonic for hair shine. This fruit is boiled in coconut oil. This oil stops hair graying and nourishes the hair.


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