Green Orange Natural benefits and Healing rituals

Green Orange Natural benefits and Healing rituals

Green ORANGE (Citrus aurantium)


Orange is the most popular citrus fruit. Oranges are delicious and nutritious fruits. Its diameter ranges from 6-12 cm. Oranges are green, branched and fragrant. There are many varieties of oranges.

Origin and spread

The native fruit of southern China is the orange. Cultivated varieties are introduced from southern India to the western world and are now imported from abroad.

Food quality

Oranges are rich in calcium and vitamins A, B, C. Also contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, sulfur and chlorine. Compared to other fruits, this fruit is the most source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the body utilize calcium.

Natural benefits and healing rituals

Builds energy in the body

Oranges are a digestible food because the starch in oranges is quickly converted into sugar that is easily absorbed into the blood. So oranges generate heat and energy in the body immediately after consumption.

Keeps the body healthy

Regular consumption of oranges keeps the body strong and healthy. It also plays an important role in healing the body from colds and bleeding. It keeps the body strong and healthy. Among the fruit juices, orange juice is most useful and is used as food during all ailments.

Useful in patients with fever

Oranges keep the body healthy if the digestive power is reduced in case of fever. Patients with fever often have a decreased appetite. Orange juice helps to eliminate all these problems. Typhoid, Tuberculosis Orange juice is ideal fruit.

Works against infection

Orange gives energy to the body and increases the body resistance against infection and improves healing. This fruit provides rest and nourishment to the body.

Prevents scurvy disease

Orange prevents scurvy and rickets. Children should be given orange juice daily.

Heart disease

Eating orange juice is beneficial for heart disease. Orange juice is a very safe energizing liquid diet for cardiac patients.

Diseases of bones and teeth

Being a good source of vitamin C, this fruit is valuable in bone and tooth diseases. Vitamin C and calcium should be given for tooth formation.


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