Natural benefits and healing properties of Citrus lemon

Natural benefits and healing properties of Citrus lemon

Citrus lemon 


Citrus Fruit Citrus lemon. Larger than paper lemons, the peel is smooth, thick and loose. Cardamom lemons are oval in shape and light yellow in color. When ripe, it is yellowish and has a lot of juice.

Origin and spread

Citrus lemon is grown in northwest India. It has been cultivated in Southeast Asia since ancient times. It is cultivated in all regions. Citrus lemon are rich in citric acid. Different varieties have different levels of this acid. Mainly because of the presence of citric acid and vitamin C, it is used as food to cure diseases.

Citrus lemon enhances the aroma and taste of food items. It is often used in salads. Citrus lemon juice contains - proteins, fats, minerals, ash, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, small amount of vitamin B complex.

Citrus lemon Natural benefits and healing rituals

Cardamom is a flavoring agent in lemon medicine, carminative, cures flatulence and improves the stomach. Its peel also improves the function of the stomach.

Citrus lemon juice is valuable antiscorbic and detoxifies the body. Its detoxifying factor is its high potassium content.

The germs of diphtheria, typhoid and other deadly diseases are destroyed by stimulating the secretion of bile.

Citrus lemon works well against jaundice and urinary tract stones. Citrus lemon is antipyretic and anthelmintic due to the presence of vitamin C.

Mainly due to the presence of vitamin C, lemon is used in food to cure diseases. It has high levels of vitamin C which strengthens the gums and teeth.

Citrus lemon is very useful in the treatment of early summer, itchy throat and suffocation. Mix a teaspoon of juice with a little honey and take it every time.

Application of cardamom lemon in burning feet and ankles removes toxins and reduces foot pain. Digestive problems Citrus lemon juice increases appetite and stimulates the flow of gastric juices.

Citrus lemon juice is effective in fever spring, measles and skin care. Citrus lemon is very effective for lungs, stomach, uterus, kidneys and other internal organs. In these cases Citrus lemon juice should be consumed with water.

Citrus lemon reduces obesity. It is considered as a medicine for high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

Lemon juice mixed with a little honey in boiling water is beneficial for colds. Citrus lemon has amazing properties.

The beautifying cardamom lemon keeps the body alive and youthful. Its juice should be given to clean the skin. Squeeze lemon juice with water for hair shine. dry

Using Citrus lemon juice will restore the softness of the skin and make the skin soft and smooth.

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