Natural benefits and Healing Properties of Dates

Natural benefits and Healing Properties of Dates

Dates  (Phoenix dactylifera)


Dates are one of the nutritious fruits. Currently it is used all over the world. Dry and fresh date fruits are yellow to reddish gray in color. Ripe dates are very tasty and contain 70% sugar.

Origin and spread

Dates are quite an old fruit. The Persian Gulf region is believed to be the original habitat of the date palm. Currently cultivated in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran and all over the world.

Food quality

Dates are highly nutritious food. It provides natural sugar in the form of glucose and fructose which are instantly absorbed by the body.

Dates are consumed as a coffee drink. The juice that comes out of the palm tree is also nutritious. This juice can be drunk fresh or made into jaggery.


Minerals, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, carbohydrates, small amounts of vitamin B complex.

Natural benefits and healing rituals

Helps in digestion

Dates provide quick energy as they are easily digested. Fresh dates are very nutritious and nutritious.

A mess of weapons

Due to the nicotinic acid present in dates, it is effective in treating the disorder of the arms. Destroys disease-causing bacteria in the body and stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria.


Dates are beneficial in constipation by stimulating stool movement. In this case, drinking water soaked in fresh dates helps in quick recovery.

Strengthens the heart

Dates are beneficial for weak heart. Eating dates at least twice a week strengthens the heart. Dates work well in sexual weakness.

Cure disease

Eating dates every day cures night blindness. Dates are rich in iron which prevents anemia and boosts immunity.

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