Natural benefits and Healing Rituals of Batabi Lemon (Citrus paradisi)

Natural benefits and Healing Rituals of Batabi Lemon (Citrus paradisi)

Batabi Lemon (Citrus paradisi)


Batabi Lemon (Citrus paradisi) are quite popular for their beautiful aroma. This fruit is quite large. Its color varies and the color of the shell is light yellow or reddish. Its shell is half an inch thick.

Origin and spread

Batabi Lemon (Citrus paradisi) native to Indo-China, Thailand and Malaya. It spreads in tropical regions. This fruit is nutritious as it contains high amount of calcium and phosphorus. It is also used as a salad.


Batabi Lemon (Citrus paradisi) Contains- minerals and vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, carbohydrates.

Benefits Batabi Lemon (Citrus paradisi)

Eliminates hunger

Batabi Lemon (Citrus paradisi) is very appetizing. Stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and is an instant energy booster. Batabi Lemon (Citrus paradisi) has an acidic taste but becomes alkaline after digestion. Citric acid in lemon juice is oxidized in our alimentary tract and therefore effective in preventing diseases caused by excess acid in our intestines.

Eliminates constipation

Digestive disorders This fruit relieves constipation. Batabi Lemon (Citrus paradisi) helps maintain good intestinal health and is effective as a food against dysentery, diarrhea and other infectious diseases.


Batabi Lemon (Citrus paradisi) is good for diabetic patients. Regular consumption of Batabi Lemon (Citrus paradisi) reduces the risk of developing diabetes. If the blood sugar level is high, eat lemon juice daily.


Batabi Lemon (Citrus paradisi) juice cures influenza. Because it reduces the acidity of the body and maintains the health of the alimentary canal.

Cures fever

Quells thirst and removes fever. Batabi Lemon (Citrus paradisi) contains natural quinine and hence works well in malaria. It also works in colds.

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