Natural benefits and healing properties of Papaya

Natural benefits and healing properties of Papaya

Papaya (Carica papaya)


Papaya is one of the tropical fruits. Papaya is fleshy and hollow, up to 40-50 cm in diameter. There are small seeds in the hollow space inside the fruit. The skin is thin and smooth. Its color is green at first, but turns dark yellow or orange as it ripens.

Origin and spread

It is believed to have been brought by the Spaniards in the middle of the 16th century and from there it spread to the tropics. Currently, it is widely cultivated in almost all countries of the world.

Cure disease

Papaya is considered as a healthy fruit. Nutrients like — Protein, Minerals, Vitamin C, Carbohydrates.

Natural benefits and healing rituals

Easily digestible

Papaya is one such fruit, it also helps in digestion of other food items. Papaya acts as a tonic in ailments. It is an energy-giving food. Papaya contains a type of protein digesting enzyme that aids in digestion.


Raw papaya is very beneficial in disorders of the alimentary canal, deficiency of gastric juice, unhealthy excess mucus in the stomach, indigestion and tension in the arms.


Constipation, bleeding hemorrhoids and chronic diarrhea are cured by consuming papaya. Papaya helps blood circulation. It contains a substance called caricin, which is very effective in expelling roundworms.

Useful in skin diseases

Skin Diseases Papaya juice is a kind of stimulant, which is useful in some skin diseases. This juice is used in skin diseases like swelling, abscess, acne etc.

Skin care

Removes cosmetics and skin blemishes and leaves skin soft and smooth. Papaya paste is applied on the skin.

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