Health Benefits of Eating climbing fish (koi fish)

Health Benefits of Eating climbing fish (koi fish)

CLIMBING FISH – koi fish

CLIMBING FISH scientific name is Anabas cobojius. Belongs to the Anabantidae family. It is one of the local and very tasty fish of West Bengal.

CLIMBING FISH Fresh water fish. Commonly found in rivers, canals and bays. But it can also be cultivated in ponds. This fish is found in abundance in canals and rivers. CLIMBING FISH is delicious and disease resistant fish. This fish is as tasty as it is nutritious.

Physical Structure The head of the fish is large and triangular in shape. Appears dark-green or brown. The whole body has scales. The two jaws of the mouth have strong teeth. Dorsal fins have spines.

This fish breed in rainy season when it grows up to 4 cm. Propagation can be done through artificial insemination.

Taste and Nutrition

Sufficient fat, iron, calcium and phosphorus are available in this fish. Besides, there are also - protein, carbohydrates, calories.

Benefits of CLIMBING FISH-

1. CLIMBING FISH also plays a role in keeping the metabolism of the body normal.

2. Reduces heart disease risk and protects the brain

3. Reduces the risk of Alzheimer disease.

4. CLIMBING FISH fatty acids help prevent skin disease called psoriasis.

5. This fish has essential amino acids which play a special role in the development of the body.

6. Plays an important role in the growth and repair of the human body.

7. CLIMBING FISH is a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Which improves eyesight

and plays a role in bone formation.

8. It also plays a role in keeping the metabolism of the body normal.

9. CLIMBING FISH Important fatty acids that play a role in brain development.

10. Keeps skin healthy.


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