Czechia Capital Fact About

Czechia Capital Fact About

Czechia Capital  Fact About

1. Czechia is a country in Europe. The Czechia Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Known as Bohemia. The capital is Prague

The dialing code is +420. The country has a total population of 10.51 million.

2. A region of hills and mountains. Beautiful city of Vltava river, bridges and spiers.

3. World seventh safest place to live and home to the largest ancient fort.

4. The country expatriate community is huge.

5. In January 1993, Czechoslovakia dissolved, its constituent states becoming the independent states of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

6.Czechia Republic A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Czechia has hundreds of castles, chateaus and palaces.

7.The official language of the Czechia Republic is Czech. Czech is spoken by about 11 million speakers. People in the Czech Republic have knowledge of the English language. Many speak German and Russian.

8.The country became the Slovak Federal Republic on 23 April 1990.

9. In 1948-1989, the country was under communist rule.

10.Czechia is a friendly country. Czech people are pleasant and friendly.

11.The main religion of the Czech Republic is Roman Catholicism.

12.Czech speaks good English, second language is German and third is Russian.

13.Czech Republic food- roast goose, sauerkraut and dumplings.

14.The Czech Republic is a fairly stable economy. The average wage in the country is around 1000 euros.

15.Graduates, youths have decent salary job opportunities.

16.Czech breakfast- white bread, eats for breakfast- wheat and rye bread, rolls and ham.

17.Dinner time of Czechs- Day time at 7 pm, evening meal at 10 pm.


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