Natural Benefits And Healing Properties of Fig/Anjeer Fruit

Natural Benefits And Healing Properties of Fig/Anjeer Fruit

Fig (Ficus carica)


Figs occupy a prominent place among fruits. Soft, sweet and tangy, this delicious fruit promotes good health. The fruit is hollow, the shell is sweet and the walls of the inner cavity of the fruit contain numerous tiny golden colored seeds. The size and color of these fruits vary considerably. Ripe fresh fruits are juicy, healthy and delicious. But as it spoils easily, it is sold dry.

Origin and spread

Figs are native to Asia. This fruit has been cultivated since ancient times. It was used as a staple food in Mediterranean countries.

Food Value of Figs:

Fresh figs are high in water content and low in protein, fat and carbohydrates. Dried figs are highly nutritious. 74% of its food content is sugar. It can be used in many ways, figs are used in making cakes and jams.

Fresh figs provide – minerals, vitamins, calcium, protein, phosphorus, fat, iron, carbohydrates, vitamin A,

Fiber, vitamin C.

Dried figs provide water, small amounts of vitamin B complex, calories, minerals and vitamins.


Cure disease

Figs have many medicinal properties. Figs are tonic and help in quick recovery after illness. This fruit relieves physical and mental fatigue and acts as a tonic for patients with mouth ulcers.


Fresh or dried figs cure constipation due to the presence of large amounts of cellulose and rough skin. The seed arms of the fruit have the ability to stimulate peristaltic or wave-like movements, thereby keeping the alimentary canal clear.

Two dry figs should be cleaned and mixed with hot water. It should be eaten in the morning. Eating figs regularly for 3-4 weeks cures hemorrhoids.


Figs are also used to treat asthma. The patient feels relieved as it expels the mucus.

Sexual weakness

Figs work very well in sexual impotence. Other dry fruits can be eaten along with it.


Wash well before use. Dried fig skin is quite hostile, figs soaked in water are easily digested. But this water should also be consumed along with the fruit, because many nutrients come out in the water.


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