Natural Benefits and Medicinal Roles of Raisins

Natural Benefits and Medicinal Roles of Raisins

Raisins (Vitis vinifera)


Raisins are dried grapes. However, not all types of grapes are suitable for raisins. Only those grapes that are very sweet are selected for drying. Raisins have high nutritional value.

Origin and spread

Raisins have been used as food since ancient times. Grapes are grown in many countries of the world. However, large quantities are produced in Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, South Africa and Australia.

Nutritional Value of Raisins

Raisins have rare food value. Raisins are rich in carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Along with milk, similarly, eating raisins with different types of nuts is also beneficial.

Raisins - minerals and vitamins, calcium, protein, phosphorus, fat, iron, vitamin C, carbohydrates, small amounts of vitamin B complex are available.

Natural benefits and medicinal role

Generates energy

The high nutritional value of raisins is due to their high sugar content. It has eight times more sugar than grapes. The sugar in raisins is made up of glucose and fructose. It quickly produces heat and energy in the body, glucose. So raisins are very good food in case of physical weakness.


Acidosis is a condition in which the acidity of the body fluid increases excessively. The added alkalinity of raisins helps maintain the body acid balance. Eating raisins reduces the acidity of urine. The amount of ammonia in the urine also decreases.


Raisins work very well in constipation. Raisins should be soaked in a glass of drinking water. Hence it should be drunk in the morning. Eating this way every morning can get relief from chronic constipation.


Being a rich source of iron, raisins improve the blood. So it is useful in anemia.

In febrile cases

Raisin extract works like medicine in fever related cases. Soaking raisins in water, then drinking this water acts as a tonic.

Sexual weakness

In Ayurveda, black currant is used to restore sexual potency. In this case, raisins should be washed in warm water and boiled in milk. As a result, raisin-milk should be drunk.


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