Natural Benefits And Healing Properties of Amaranthus Spinosus

Natural Benefits And Healing Properties of Amaranthus Spinosus

Amaranthus spinosus

Amaranthus spinosus is a green leafy vegetable that grows everywhere. Usually a dreamy perennial, its stem is erect, thick and fleshy and its leaves are green. There are six species of Amaranthus spinosus.

Origin and spread

Amaranthus spinosus originated in the Andes region of South America or Mexico. Currently, various species are widely distributed in tropical areas - India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, South Pacific area, tropical Africa and Caribbean. Thorny summer plants and all species grow in summer and monsoon.

Food quality

Minerals and vitamins: calcium, protein, phosphorus, fat, iron, vitamin C, fiber, carbohydrates, small amounts of vitamin B complex

Natural benefits and healing rituals of Amaranthus spinosus

Regular consumption prevents vitamin A, B, B, C and iron, calcium potassium deficiency. Protects against defective eyesight, respiratory infections, frequent colds and infertility.

Respiratory disorders

Amaranthus spinosus are useful in respiratory disorders. Fresh juice can be consumed with honey to treat chronic bronchitis, asthma and tuberculosis.

During pregnancy and lactation

Consuming Amaranthus spinosus regularly during pregnancy and lactation is very beneficial. A cup of fresh leaf juice mixed with honey and little cardamom powder is very beneficial during pregnancy. It helps in the normal growth of the baby, prevents the loss of calcium and iron from the body, relaxes the ligaments of the uterus and increases the flow of breast milk.

Delayed growth

Amaranthus spinosus are very beneficial in stunted growth in children. A few drops of honey mixed with fresh juice and taken once a day normalizes and strengthens the growth of the baby. It prevents constipation and eases baby teething process.

Premature aging

Premature aging is prevented by regular consumption of Amaranthus spinosus. It prevents disturbances in calcium and iron metabolism, which are common in old age. As we age, calcium molecules accumulate in the bone marrow. This molecular disorder is inhibited by calcium and iron in Amaranthus spinosus and aging is inhibited.

Bleeding tendency

Amaranthus spinosus works well in all types of bleeding tendency. A cup of fresh leaf juice mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice should be consumed every night for bleeding from gums, nose, lungs and excessive bleeding.


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