Natural benefits and healing rituals of Radish

Natural benefits and healing rituals of Radish

Radish (Raphanus sativus)


Radish is a very common vegetable in our country. It is a biennial plant; It flowers in the second year. It has no trunk or branches. It has only one root, which is round, or cylindrical. Its color is white or red, fleshy and tangy when overripe. There are many varieties of radish. There is considerable difference between them in terms of size, shape and color. 

Food quality

Radish is a good source of iron, calcium and sodium. While radish leaves are used as a vegetable, its root is used as a vegetable. Its leaves contain more calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and protein than radish.

Nutritional value of Radish: Minerals and vitamins, water content, calcium, protein, phosphorus, iron, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamin C, A small amount of vitamin B complex.


Controls disease

Radish leaves are diuretic, antiscorbutic and laxative. Radish root is highly antiscorbutic, hence controls scurvy and is expectorant, diuretic, carminative, laxative and stimulant.


Fresh root juice is considered as an effective food-medicine in curing hemorrhoids. Radish leaves and radish should be eaten once a day.

Genito-urinary diseases

Radish leaves and radish can be consumed for urinary incontinence and pain during urination or severe pain in the urinary bladder. Consuming a cup of radish leaf juice once a day dissolves urinary stones.

Chest discomfort

In hoarseness, whooping cough and other chest ailments, fresh radish juice mixed with equal amount of honey and a small amount of rock salt is beneficial.


Radish green leaves are beneficial in jaundice. A person should extract the juice from the leaves and consume it daily. It increases appetite and cleanses the stomach.

Other skin diseases

Radish seeds contain a kind of bleaching substance and applying an emulsion of these seeds with water on the face removes dark spots.


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