Natural benefits and healing rituals of Soybean

Natural benefits and healing rituals of Soybean

Soybean (Glycine max)


Soybeans are one of the most nutritious foods. It is a very good source of oil and protein. It is a perennial plant, growing up to 150 cm tall. Its stem is hairy, the leaves are alternate and hairy, gray in color. The seeds are roughly round and yellow, green, gray or black in color.

Origin and spread

Soybean is a native plant of the Far East. It has been cultivated since ancient times in China, Manchuria and Korea. Today it is a popular crop all over the world.

Food quality

The nutritional value of soybeans is considerably improved. It is a valuable source of protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It also contains vitamin B complex, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid and vitamin E.

Soybeans are especially valuable because of their high protein content. It is a complete protein, as it contains all the essential amino acids in balanced proportions.

Natural benefits and healing rituals of Soybean

Medicinal properties

Soybeans have many medicinal properties. Soybeans, especially in the form of milk, are very useful in the treatment of diseases. This milk is made by soaking soybeans in water for about 12 hours. Then the skin of the fruit is removed and washed well and made into a paste in a machine. Three times water is added to this paste. Then this milk is boiled on gentle heat and stirred frequently. When it cools down a bit, it is strained through a fine cloth and sugar is added.

90% of soybean protein is absorbed by the body. Soybean milk helps in maintaining the good health of the arms. Soybean is a source of lecithin which is a good natural emulsifier. Lecithin inhibits the accumulation of fatty material cholesterol in several vital organs. Lecithin is an important component of brain and nerve cells.


Soybeans contain a fairly good amount of carbohydrates, but very little starch. So it is suitable food for diabetic patient. Its carbohydrates produce heat and energy for the body, but sugar does not accumulate in the urine.

Skin disease

Soybeans are considered a valuable food remedy for eczema and other skin ailments. Some people are allergic to animal proteins such as meat, eggs and milk, but soy protein does not have these side effects, so it reduces skin inflammation.


Soybean is good in treating anemia as it contains sufficient amount of iron. However, anemic patients have poor digestion, so they should be given very light amounts of soybeans, which are easily digested.


In other ways, such as flour, green beans, sprouted seeds and oil, soybeans are used. Soybean flour is widely used. To make soy flour, soybeans are first roasted and dehulled. Then it is ground into powder. This flour is more nutritious than gum flour. Compared to wheat flour, it has 15 times more calcium, 7 times more phosphorus, 10 times more iron and thiamin and 9 times more riboflavin.


Soybeans contain a bitter substance, which can be removed by soaking the soybeans for ten minutes with half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in six cups of hot water. This process also removes the coloring matter from the soybeans. Soybeans contain a factor that inhibits the digestive enzyme trypsin. This factor can be destroyed by application of heat.


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