11 Facts About South Korea

11 Facts About South Korea

Information about South Korea

1. South Korea is an East Asian country on the Korean Peninsula and the capital is Seoul. The country is home to green, hilly countryside and ancient Buddhist temples, villages, subtropical islands and the capital city of Seoul.

2. South Korea is famous for its pop culture, especially music, drama and movies.

3. South Korea Siberian tiger is the national animal, Mugunghwa is the national flower, and the national anthem is "Aegukga".

4. Korea consists of 3,400 islands.

5. Korean culture, character, clothes and food are different from other countries. Hard work, piety and humility are unique characteristics of Koreans.

6. Korea has a very interesting culture. Koreans are proud of their culture and economic success. Korean culture supports elders, family, friendship and tradition.

7. There are hundreds of ancient temples and historical sites. Covers a variety of degrees including science, technology, finance, fashion and social sciences.

8. The brushing method recommended by Koreans is 3-3-3, meaning brushing teeth 3 times a day within 3 minutes after eating, for 3 minutes each.

9. About 46% of the population have no religious affiliation, 23% are Buddhists and 29% are Christians, 56.1% are non-religious.

10. Koreans enjoy gaming, sports and traveling. Music is a big part of culture. More than 50 instruments are used to create popular music.

11. Korea Population-about 52 million, Language-Korean, Korea first religion- Shamanism, more than 95% can read and write.


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