Cereal Seeds Benefits

Cereal Seeds Benefits

Cereal Seeds Health Benefits

Cereal seeds are commonly called grains. They are quite small, hard and contain very little water. Cereals have been used as a staple food for humans since ancient times. This is because they are widely cultivated, can be kept indoors for a long time and can be used in a variety of ways.

Cereal seeds have four parts. For example, the lightly adherent outer part is the husk, then the outer part of the grain (bran), the embryo or germ and the seed. In fact, soybeans contain all kinds of nutrients, such as substantial amounts of starch, and small amounts of protein and fat.

Food quality

Whole grains of all cereals have almost the same chemical composition and nutritional value. They are generally considered carbohydrate-rich foods and contain on average 70 percent sugar. They provide energy and although they contain a small amount of protein, the quality is high. Its protein content ranges from 11.8 percent in wheat to 8.5 percent in rice. Whole grains are a good source of calcium and iron, but contain no ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and no vitamin A. Yellow corn is the only grain that contains adequate amounts of carotene. Whole grain cereals contain significant amounts of B group vitamins. Nuts, seeds, milk, fruit and fresh and green vegetables should be consumed as a supplement along with grains for a balanced diet with protein, minerals and vitamins A and C.

Natural benefits and healing rituals of Cereal Seeds

All grains are ground into flour, which is used to make bread, cakes, biscuits and other bakery foods.

Wheat flour has become quite popular nowadays. However, white wheat flour is of lower quality than whole grain flour. The valuable germ part of the wheat is removed while refining the whole grain of wheat. This germ part of the wheat grain contains important vitamin E. Wheat flour contains only the grain portion for grain refining. It keeps wheat flour clean, palatable and easy to make bread and other products. However, refined flour that is made by removing the germ and bran parts of the grain has considerably less disease resistance.


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