Interesting facts about Cuba

Interesting facts about Cuba

Interesting facts about Cuba

# Cuba is very diverse and full of heritage sites. Cuba is famous for its Cuban dance style, Fidel Castro, 1950s cars, Spanish-colonial architecture, Cuban National Ballet, Buena Vista Social Club and Guantanamo.

# Full of elegance, personality and dance color, Cuba. From its rural colonial era buildings to its revolutionary history is never to be forgotten.

# Most popular in Cuba- Beaches, interesting architecture, Cuban cocktails, music, cigars, classic cars, UNESCO World Heritage sites.

# Cuba ranks 70th out of 189 countries on the Human Development Index in the High Human Development category.

# Cuba national animal is the tocorro, or Cuban trogon. The colorful couch has a blue crest, red belly and beak, and white throat and chest.

# Famous Cuban Foods - Rice, Beans and Bananas, Ropa Vieja, Pescado, Gambas and Camarones, Cuban Mix Sandwiches, Cuban Toast and Cuban Coffee.

# Cuba gained formal independence as a republic on May 20, 1902.

# The capital of Cuba is Havana Old City. La Habana Vieja, Old Havana, is surrounded by houses as you enter the narrow streets of the city.

# The official language of Cuba is Spanish or Cuban Spanish, a form of Caribbean Spanish spoken by the majority of Cubans.

# You cannot legally buy Coca Cola in Cuba. You will not find carbonated drinks in stores. Because of the embargo, there is currently no legal way to buy Coca-Cola in Cuba.

# Cuba national dish is Ropa Vieja. The popular sport is baseball; 62% of the population plays it.

# Cuban culture is a rich fusion of African, Spanish and Caribbean entertainment.

# The warmth of the Cuban people, happy and lively lifestyle, agreeable climate and colorful culture are worth enjoying.

# Cuba is an island country in South America. Cuba is a socialist state, the national sport is baseball, the national flower is chili juan.

Information about Cuba

  • Cuba is an island nation in the northwestern hemisphere consisting of the Cuban Archipelago and associated islets. It is located north of the Caribbean Sea and its capital city is Havana. Cuba is a beautiful island nation known for its local culture, food and music.
  • Havana is the capital of Cuba. Cuban culture and heritage are preserved there. Also, Havana is a developing city and has many places to visit.
  • Cuba is an independent country led by a communist government. The political history of the country was very important and influential.
  • Cuba occupies an archipelago in the south central region. It is bordered by the Bahamas to the northeast, Mexico to the north, Jamaica to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the south.
  • Cuba is a country of ethnic values. Here the written culture of music, dance and Indian ceremonies is detailed.

Cuban food

  • The cuisine of Cuba is related to the use of garlic, onions, and tomatoes in the Caribbean. Also, Cuban food is crispy fried dishes made with various vegetables such as cauliflower and eggplant.
  • Ropa roast meat is a dis. It is served with roasted meat, onions, red fruits and thick sourdough.
  • Cuban soup is a delicious soup made with local vegetables, meats and spices.

Cuban culture

  • The country of Cuba is a mixture of Indian and Afro-Caribbean cultures and traditions. It was formerly the Spanish Empire and Spanish culture is still dominant here. However, the Cuban nation preserves its own culture and traditional festivals.
  • Music is an important part of Cuban culture. Mambo, salsa, chacha-cha, bolero and other styles of music are part of Cuban culture.
  • Socialism was an important part of the founding of Cuban culture, and remains an important part of Cuban social and political life.


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