Natural Health Benefits Of Arhar Dal

Natural Health Benefits Of Arhar Dal

Arhar Dal Health Benefit

Arhar Dal (Cajamus cajan)

Arahar is a popular pulse in India, but not very popular in Bangladesh. It is a perennial and short-lived perennial. It grows from 1 to 4 meters high. Sometimes it is also grown as a perennial herb. Its main root goes deep into the soil. Its stems are hairy and the leaves are spirally arranged. Fruit is a flat pod (pod). The seeds vary in size, shape and color.

Origin and spread

Arhar is probably a native plant of tropical Africa. Its seeds have been found in tombs in Egypt and were grown there as early as 2000 BC. Currently, arhar is grown in many tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Food quality

Fresh leaves of Arhar are used as vegetable. Unripe pods are also eaten cooked. Dried seeds are used in soups. Ripe and dried seeds are boiled and eaten as pulses. It is also used as fodder.

Food Value (%): Water Matter-13.8, Minerals and Vitamins, Calcium-73 mg, Protein-22.3, Phosphorus-304 mg, Fat-1.7, Iron-5.8 mg, Minerals-3.5, Small amount of vitamin B complex, Fiber-1.5, Carbohydrates-57.6 (per 100g edible portion)

Natural benefits and healing properties of Arahar dal

Aahar dal is very easily digestible, so it is useful for sick people as well. It has many medicinal properties. It cures internal inflammation. However, excessive consumption of arhar causes hyperacidity and flatulence. So it should not be consumed in gastric ulcer and heart disease.


A fine paste made of this dal works well for baldness. It should be applied regularly.


Its leaf juice mixed with a little sugar works well in jaundice. In this condition, 60 ml of juice should be consumed daily.

Regulation of breast milk secretion

Arahar dal and leaves are pounded together to form a paste, heated and applied to the nipples to control the flow of milk.


Arhar leaves are effective in all types of inflammation. The coating made from the seeds reduces swelling.


A teaspoon of neem leaf paste mixed with arhar leaf paste reduces hemorrhoids and rectal itching. It should be used once daily for a few weeks.


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