What happens if you drink cold water in the summer?

What happens if you drink cold water in the summer?

The damage you are doing to your body by drinking cold water in summer

Many people have the habit of drinking cold water from the refrigerator in summer. But with that you also invite some risk. According to nutritionists, cold water can do a lot of harm to the body. Drinking too much cold water can cause digestive disturbances, stomach aches, blood vessels in the throat can also be damaged. Which can later lead to complicated infections.

Drinking cold water straight from the fridge after returning from outside in hot weather can cause anything from a sore throat to a cold. Body temperature is usually 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to drinking extra cold water, the temperature of some parts of the body drops suddenly. The body needs to speed up to adapt to the outside temperature.

As a result, if you drink such cold water regularly, the risk of tonsil problems, migraine problems, toothache, esophagus problems, cold, cough or fever increases. The risk of various inflammatory infections increases. Some germs live in the upper airways of our throats. Attacks when the situation is favorable. When the surroundings are hot, when cold water suddenly melts, the melting temperature drops significantly. This bacteria becomes active in cold water.

Cold water temporarily inhibits the normal heartbeat. A heart attack can result. People with sinus or migraine problems should not drink cold water.

Cold water weakens tooth enamel. As a result, there is a possibility of tooth infection.

Cold water interferes with the normal process of nutrient absorption during digestion. The body then becomes more preoccupied with regulating body temperature than with digestion. The body is more dehydrated.

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