Take care of plants this summer

Take care of plants this summer

Tips for those who have a garden

Here are some tips for those who have a garden.

Summer plant care

Animals and plants are suffering in this intense heat. Although light is essential for plants, strong sunlight is harmful. The roots dry out very quickly. As a result the plants die. So the tree also needs extra care at this time.

Some tips for those who have a garden in today article-

  1. Those who keep trees at home should take care of the place.
  2. Place the plants in a location with regular light and air but no direct sunlight.
  3. Seedlings should not be watered more than three times.
  4. Check the soil condition before watering.
  5. If the soil is damp, sprinkle the leaves without watering the soil.
  6. Try to water the plant at night so that the plant can take water until morning.

Caring for plants in air-conditioned rooms

Water and fertilizer are very important for plant growth. But in summer the fertilizer does damage again. So be aware of how much water and fertilizer to use. Prepare compost by keeping tea leaves, egg shells, dung, dry leaves together in the sun for a few days. Then add as much as needed to the tree. It is better not to use purchased fertilizers at this time.

Regular weeding should be done. Weeds are the biggest enemy of plants. Seedlings dry out quickly in summer. So if these weeds are pruned the seedlings will grow faster and stay fresh.

Caring for tub plants this summer is paramount. First, move tubs out of direct sunlight. Shade the area where you are gardening with straw or green shade.

In addition to taking care of yourself this summer, take care of your plants.

You can plant some trees in a small area if you want to decorate the house. Which will enhance your room shelf or office desk.

Besides enhancing the beauty of your room, it will also increase the mental peace.

Many types of trees die very easily due to not knowing well about the nature of these plants or due to excessive watering. So today I will talk about some plants that will increase the oxygen in your room and also increase the beauty of the room.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is one type of plant that will give you many benefits if you keep it in your home. Aloe vera can be your best friend when you have burnt hands, sunburned skin or any irritation. Why not Aloe Vera has some cooling properties that will give you instant relief from irritation.


This plant will look best when hung near the window of your room or in the corner of the room. Because small baby spider plants hang from the spider plant which looks very cute. However, this tree likes the desk or something.

Pothos (Money Plant):

Pothos is well known. Many people know this plant as money plant. This plant is more known because it can survive in water and soil. With the help of the leaves of this tree it is possible to get new trees very easily.

Coin Plant:

Coin plant is a very familiar plant. This plant needs bright light and enough water. As this plant does not have any problem with overwatering, try to water this plant daily. This plant is suitable for a south window or balcony.

Peace Lily:

Peace lily is a flower plant as well as you can keep this plant in your room. The white flowers of peace lily will make you understand why the plant is given this name. The price of this peace lily plant is slightly higher than other plants. But its beauty and other qualities make this tree invaluable.

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