Winter is Coming, things to Keep in Mind

Winter is Coming, things to Keep in Mind

Winter is coming. Although it is hot during the day, it indicates the arrival of winter at night. At this time there is a risk of various diseases starting from skin problems.

You have to prepare for winter before winter comes. At this time winter clothes, kantha-blankets and skin care materials are required. Take a look at what to prepare before winter-

Buy cosmetics

The effects of winter begin to fall on our skin. The surface of the skin cracks, and the lips crack. At this time the skin becomes rough. So to keep the skin good, you have to buy different cosmetics before winter. Buy moisturizing cream, snow, petroleum jelly, olive oil, body lotion, lip gel, glycerin, rose water etc.

Stay away from illness

As soon as winter came, various diseases came into his hands. At this time colds can cause fever, runny nose, runny nose and cough. We have to prepare to stay away from these diseases. Every morning on an empty stomach eat a teaspoon of honey and a clove of garlic mixed with lukewarm water. Even if you take a bath in cold water at this time, you can get various cold-related diseases. So it is better to keep the bath water a little warm.

The house is clean

The amount of dust increases a lot in winter. This is the main cause of dry weather. Because of this dust the house does not take time to become unclean. Not only this, with the help of dust it can spread disease. its  important to keep the house neat and clean at this time. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust. You can put heavy curtains on windows and doors so that less dust and sand can enter the room. Clean the floor, furniture, carpets regularly.

Winter clothing

Cleaning winter clothes, because it is not used all year round, can give birth to a variety of germs. So if you keep it clean at the end of winter, wash it again at the beginning of winter. Since winter starts after a few days, wash and clean the winter clothes now.

Take care of your hair before winter

The effects of climate change on the body before winter. At this time not only the skin, but also the hair can be a problem. When the hair starts to get hot and cold, it starts to lose moisture. Different types of hair care are required in different climates. So you have to take care of your hair to adapt to the weather throughout the year. Now the hair has started to dry before the onset of winter. So you need to know how to keep your hair beautiful this season.

Do not blow dry

Many people love to style their hair. Blow drying can dry hair quickly, but it does a lot of damage to the hair. So it cant be done. Blow dry hair is harmful not only in winter, but also at other times of the year. Leave the hair open and dry it in normal air. Otherwise heat can cause hair loss.

Caution when wiping hair

Wiping hair with a towel after bath? There is a risk of water rising and getting cold in this season. For this reason, many people want to dry their hair quickly. So do not rub your hair hard with a towel. This will cause more damage instead of drying the hair. First gently wipe the hair with a towel. Then leave the hair open in the air and dry it.

Do not use hot water on hair

When winter comes, most people take a bath in hot water. Mild hot water is not harmful to the skin. But never give that hot water to the hair. Always wash your hair in normal temperature water. Because if you use hot water on the hair, the hair will be more rough. The cuticle of the hair becomes swollen due to hot water. Then the hair becomes rough when it comes in contact with moisture.

Do not comb excess hair

There is no need to comb the hair repeatedly to look beautiful. Occasionally scratch. Because the hair follicles become loose when the comb is rubbed. This can make the hair rough. So do not comb the hair without the need.

Use hair packs

Apply hair pack suitable for winter season. This will maintain the moisture of the hair. The hair will not be rough. These hairpacks will help keep the hair looking good as well as keep the scalp clean and away from dandruff.

Take steps now to get rid of cracked hands and feet in winter

Winter does not mean that everything is happy. Colorful around winter fruits and vegetables. But there is no peace of mind. Irritation of rough skin is always a cause of discomfort. When winter comes, many peoples lips, hands and feet get cracked with many good things. But there is no benefit in being upset for this reason. With skin care in mind, you can easily get rid of this pain. Lets try to start now to get rid of that discomfort. Take some steps before winter comes, so that the skin stays a little less dry at that time.

One of the major causes of cracked hands and feet in winter is that the limbs become rough during this time. Also, due to negligence and lack of proper care, many limbs break down. To avoid this, if you start applying moisturizer from the beginning of winter, it is possible to save your hands and feet from this crack in most cases. The sun does a lot of damage a lot of the time. Be sure to use sunscreen lotion by any means before going out. In winter, the skin on the knees, ankles and elbows is a little colder, becoming as rough as any other skin on the body. Glycerin works very well in that case. If it becomes more rough, you can massage it on the rough place by mixing lemon and honey once a week. Soak your feet in lukewarm water mixed with soda from the outside. Then mix sugar, salt and honey together and massage for a while. This will remove the dead skin of the feet. If there are not many cracks, you can rub the soles of the feet with sweat. If possible, do manicure and pedicure once a month. If you have a problem with cracked feet in winter, wear socks now. The risk of foot fractures will be greatly reduced. In winter, hands and feet as well as nails become dry. To prevent this you can apply Vitamin-E cream. This will stop broken nails as well as damaged nails will get the necessary nutrition. You can also use a mixture of hot water and shampoo for nail care.

Problems with chapped lips

Almost everyone has a problem with chapped lips in winter. The main reason is that the lips are more dry than the skin. So at this time you need to apply moisturizer on the lips regularly. In this case you can use lip balm, chapstick, petroleum jelly. Choose a lipstick with vitamin E or sunscreen. Try to keep your lips moist at all times and apply glycerin to your lips before going to bed at night.

But keep in mind that eating habits are also very important for the vitality of the skin. If the eating habits are not good, the skin does not get the right amount of nutrition. As a result, no matter how much care is taken, the skin will not look fresh. And the most beneficial is water, so drink plenty of water every day to keep the skin healthy and overcome the harshness of winter.

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