Create a Boundary Between Work and Life

Create a Boundary Between Work and Life

That can be a loss if you work continuously

Many people have to sit in chairs for a long time to work in the office. But have you ever wondered how harmful sitting for a long time is for the body? In fact, many of us do not think that an innocent act like sitting down causes damage to various organs of the body. Prolonged sitting or lying down can lead to chronic problems such as heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer and pancreatic problems, health researchers say.

Accumulation of body fat

Sitting at the office table for a long time can lead to accumulation of body fat. One study found that those who sat for long periods of time and those who worked at the office desk complained of a rapid increase in belly fat. This is because the bodys metabolism slows down while sitting, calorie burning is reduced and it is easier to accumulate fat around your waist if you sit for a long time. Everyone knows how harmful excess fat is to the body.

Increases blood sugar

According to experts, prolonged sitting can lead to an imbalance in the levels of insulin produced in the pancreas. Therefore, the measure of sugar in the blood increments. And if the sugar increases, the risk of diabetes also increases.

Loss of mental health

Another side effect of prolonged sitting is the deterioration of mental health. When a person sits for a long time, the ability of the brain to carry oxygen to the blood decreases. As a result, the ability to remember is reduced. It can even frustrate us.

May cause heart disease

If you sit quietly, the blood circulation decreases. The bodys fatty acids are easily able to block the heart. High blood pressure is also associated with prolonged sitting. So those who spend less time sitting, their heart problems are relatively less. People who sit for long periods of time are twice as likely to have heart disease. That is the demand of health experts.

Foot problems

When it expands, the blood circulation is obstructed. This can lead to problems such as ankle swelling. There is even a strong risk of blood clots in the veins.

Brain problems

Muscles siphon new blood and oxygen through the cerebrum. As a result, all the functions of the head remain active. But if you sit still for a long time, all the work of the brain becomes very slow.

There is pressure on the spine

When we sit for a long time, it puts pressure on the spine. Pressure on various muscles and ligaments along the spine. At one stage, pressure is exerted on various nerves in the body from inside the spine. The unbearable pain started from that. The type of pain depends on the pressure or intensity. The higher the pressure, the greater the pain. That pain will spread to the waist. As a result of sitting continuously, blood does not circulate properly in the lower part of our body. This causes problems in different organs.

Never lean forward. Keep the shoulders relaxed. Sit with your waist straight. Keep your legs flat. Get up in 30 minutes, take a little walk.

5 reasons to sleep all the time

Get up early. Then go to work. Making meals, eating out, getting ready for the office, being busy all day - these are everyday images. Meanwhile, after having lunch at the office, the state woke up. Then you have to chase after coffee or tea, walk, with tears in your eyes or sometimes with a little sleep at the desk.

Getting enough sleep all the time is not the only issue for those who manage the office. Rather it can be a problem for those who are busy at home. No matter where you work at home or outside, it is normal to fall asleep after lunch. This sleep deprivation lasts for a long time.

Excessive sleep can lead to physical and mental fatigue most of the time. There are different elements that can add to lack of sleep. Find out 5 reasons-

I cant sleep properly

Currently most people do not get enough sleep. This is one of the reasons why I cant sleep all the time. Another reason may be insufficient sleep. So it is very important to have a good sleep routine, that is, sleep at the right time and wake up at the right time. Adequate sleep will make your daily activities more dynamic.

Heavy meals

You may fall asleep after eating heavy meals. Food takes a long time to digest, but not all foods take the same amount of time to digest. Meanwhile, more oily and spicy foods, high protein foods take longer to digest. Even if the amount of carbohydrates in the food is high, sleep can come. No need to eat on an empty stomach. However, it is better not to eat extra food.

For illness

Today, most people suffer from a variety of lifestyle diseases. These diseases cause fatigue and excessive sleep. Basically these diseases make the body shaky from within. As a result, sleep is out of your control.

Fatigue can also be a cause

Fatigue can have many causes. It can be worrying about money, emotional trauma from someone, etc. Not only education as well as his sharpness and devotion also are generally required. Many people choose sleep as a solution to many kinds of problems.

Physical type

According to Ayurveda, there are three types of defects in the body - bata, bile and phlegm. Arthritis means those who have high amount of gas in their body, bile means those whose body is very hot and phlegm means those who have high amount of water in their body. People who have more water in their body are always tired.

Working boss at work

There are many working people in the world. These people always love to work. But there are some people among them who are not only workaholics, they are addicted to work. These people forget the difference between career and personal life. Forget the responsibility towards family, society, country and even yourself. This problem is exacerbated when addicts want to apply their own policies to others.

Be aware of workplace choices

There are some bosses or managers who are more active. They forget at work, they have personal lives too. Not only that, he also forgot about the personal life of his subordinates. Again there are some organizations whose activities last from a few days to a few weeks. Life is not just about working. The balance of career and personal life means real life. Where, every part of life will be in a balanced phase. You can make money through work. But money does not buy the beautiful moments of life. One day you will be disappointed. Then there is nothing to do. So be aware of workplace choices. Find an organization where you can enjoy career and personal life.

Create a border

If you accidentally join such a company or have to work under a work-addicted manager, dont be afraid to talk to the manager. Dont be angry. Feel free to share your thoughts. If it creates more problems, leave the workplace and bring life to the fore. A person addicted to work does not realize that the principles he is following are making life unbalanced. Not only that, it can also make the lives of others unbalanced. These people want to get the job done at any cost. In this case, make it clear to the manager and the company that you cannot work overtime.

Resolve through negotiation

The boss also asked me to come to the office on weekends for a job. Boss requests can be kept if it is very important. But if it is regular, consider whether it is possible for you. If not possible. Then, at that point, he says delicately, "I comprehend the significance of the work, however I cant come as a result of some family issues.

Work and life

It is important to strike a balance between career and personal life. Many spend their lives thinking about how they can fully enjoy these two things. When you are busy with work, you do not give yourself time, and there are some people who waste time. So lets find out how to balance work and life. Creating a balance between work and life means how much time you have spent in your work and personal life, respectively. The purpose of creating balance is to give a person enough time. Again, his career should be significant. The positive side of creating balance is to move forward by coping with inferiority, stress and hostile environment throughout this time. But how many can survive in adversity and by fighting with themselves? Success can be seen only if we can move forward by maintaining unwavering faith in ourselves. At the same time it is possible to live a beautiful life by maintaining success. A good example of balance is being able to find your loved one at once.

With the advancement of technology we may be shutting down. When you are too busy with yourself or your work, it simply becomes an obstacle in the way of balance. You have to work harder than anyone else to move forward in this age of competition. So giving yourself or your family time may seem difficult. As a solution many return from work, keeping in touch with work; It makes me think that now I will give myself time. But there are some responsibilities that you should always be aware of and rich in information. So it may be best to combine work and personal life. You can do some housework at work, you can do some housework. In this way you can share many small responsibilities. When it comes to separating work from personal life, you can only focus on one side. And in reality, if you want to do it, you have to eat Himshim and get into various problems. Our whole life has become such that we cannot keep in touch if we want to. So without clashing with the method, use the method in your favor. If you want to live happily, you have to bring diversity in life. Never there The diversity that separates work from life. Apparently, after finishing work, you will give time to your family or spend time with family and then work.


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