know before taking proper Care of the Skin

know before taking proper Care of the Skin

Be sure to know before taking proper care of the skin

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Before taking proper care of the skin, one must have the right idea about the skin type, nature, age and its changing form and nature with the natural environment. Without this idea, proper skin care is not possible. The texture of the skin is extremely complex. Heredity, environment, age and proper care can affect skin structure. Of all the body parts, the skin is the longest. The skin weighs about 3 kg in human body. The thickness is about two millimeters. The skin protects the body from the harmful effects of sunlight, external diseases, germs, dust, fumes and chemicals. There are twenty to thirty million sweat glands in the skin throughout the body, through which sweat is excreted from the body. And it is through this sweating that it is possible to maintain the balance of body temperature. Moreover, the body also gets rid of contaminants through sweat.

Intense sunlight can cause wrinkles or wrinkles on the skin and reduce the smoothness and softness of the skin. The effect of age is also quite predominant on the skin. However, skin is not the only age; Contaminated environments, air conditioning, centrally controlled heat control systems, extreme cold or heat, etc. have harmful effects on the skin.

Basic Things to Do: Skin changes with age. However, this process is different for each person. Heredity is basically responsible for this. Thirty years later, the skin begins to wrinkle or fold. But with the necessary care or effort, this wrinkle process can be reversed and slowed down. The age at which wrinkles appear on the skin will depend on the amount of skin care taken in the past. Skin care and misuse of cosmetics can lead to various skin problems. These include loss of skin elasticity, enlarged pores and increased skin blemishes.

Indifference to health, eating extra fatty foods or drinking large amounts of stimulants, such as tea, coffee, alcohol, etc. are harmful to the skin. Moreover, body weight should be kept under control as much as possible. Remember that skin health is regulated from within the body. She needs a balanced diet. Need moderate and nutritious food, plenty of water, open air, light exercise, rest and peace of mind. Improving your skin enhances your natural beauty, so it does not matter if you wear makeup or not. Below the skin level in the body is the fat layer. This fat protects the internal organs from external injuries and plays a helpful role in controlling the temperature. In addition, the oil glands of the oily skin provide essential oil-rich oils. Excessive dieting or loss of fat due to illness can lead to loss of skin texture and softness. So a balanced diet is needed for smooth skin.

Vitamin A is essential for the skin. Vitamins E and D are also required. Moreover, hormones especially affect the skin structure of the body. The sex hormone stimulates the oil glands in the skin to secrete large amounts of sebaceous glands. The female hormone or estrogen helps the skin to form smooth, oily, tiny pores. And male hormones or androgens cause excessive oily and large pores pores on rough skin. Birth control pills contain female hormones that make the user skin smooth and beautiful, but may not be the same for all women.

The sweat glands in the skin secrete 800 ml of sweat throughout the day. This sweat helps to keep the skin moist. When the amount of water vapor in the body decreases due to any reason or various diseases, the skin loses its natural radiance. For this you should drink three liters of water every day. Of course you should drink a little more in summer. Moreover, various moisturizing lotions can keep the skin hydrated and keep the skin fresh.

It is important to know the type of skin before taking proper care of the skin. Because different skin care is also different. How to understand the skin type? The easiest way to do this is to wake up in the morning without using any makeup on your face at night and fold a piece of tissue paper over your face in bright light, now examine the tissue paper in the light. If there are oil stains on the paper, it will indicate oily skin. If there are no oil stains, it indicates dry skin. If oil spots are seen in the middle of the face, then it indicates mixed skin. And the problem is that all of them have scars, acne scars, pores, etc.

All skin types seem to be the right ones. Inadequate skin care can cause irreversible skin damage. Although it is not understood in life or at a young age. The effects of age begin after thirty years. So effective care is needed after this age.


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