Use of Cosmetic or Cosmetic Products in Skin Care

Use of Cosmetic or Cosmetic Products in Skin Care

Cosmetics for Skin Care

With the development of civilization, the use of cosmetics has also increased. Nowadays, beauty conscious men and women have become accustomed to using a lot of cosmetics in their beauty treatments. In this regard, everyone is being attracted by the arbitrary advertisements of various cosmetic companies without thinking about the consequences. This is because no one, no matter how expensive the cosmetics or the reputed companies, can guarantee that the cosmetics they produce are of perfect quality or that the cosmetics they use will not harm the user. To approve the use of cosmetics in skin care, one must have general knowledge and proper knowledge about skin type and effectiveness. Normal-skin is velvety, with no acne and even in color

However, in the definition of this naturalness, various factors of skin composition, color and external appearance are considered. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, it is true that using cosmetics can protect the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight or various chemical or external harmful substances. On the other hand, many cosmetics or substances used in skin care often cause allergic skin inflammation. Many cosmetics can cause severe skin damage due to sun exposure or sun allergy. Now I will try to review the effect of widely used cosmetics in skin care.

When discussing the effects of cosmetics on skin protection, it is important to note that the main cause of skin changes is sun exposure, which results in the appearance of age marks on the skin or the skin begins to age faster. Sunscreen creams or sunblocks can protect the skin from all these changes. There are some cosmetics for topical application that can cover the skin age impressions or cause temporary changes in the skin. As a result, the skin looks alive and fresh. For example, there are a number of cosmetics that irritate the skin and cause redness. So in addition to surgical technology, they are used to remove skin wrinkles. Preliminary evidence suggests that retinoic acid creams, derived from vitamin A creams, may partially restore structurally damaged skin to the harmful effects of sunlight and reduce fine wrinkles.

Skin Nutrition: The normal outer layer of the skin, the base of the hair or the base of the nails receive their nutrients from the lower layers of the skin through the blood vessels. So there is no evidence that topically applied nourishing creams or cosmetics can help nourish the skin in any way. The only exception is in cases where skin diseases are caused by a lack of vitamins. Since the outer layer of skin, hair, nails is a collection of dead cells, cosmetics, proteins, amino acids, collagen, elastin, RNO, etc., are of no use to the skin, hair and nails except for a temporary luster and luster.

Skin cleansing: Soap is a widely used ingredient in skin cleansing. Soap is not harmful to the skin, but using soap several times a day dries the skin and in that case the cleansing cream used instead of soap has no special benefits. Many times these cause acne on the face. Excessive face washing with soap and water can dry out the skin on the one hand, and hot or cold environments and less humid air on the other can reduce skin moisture. Dry skin can be reduced by using mild soap or detergent bar and washing less every day. Washing should not be used more than once or twice daily, at most three times. Recent studies have shown that Dove Soap is the least harmful of the 16 national soaps for skin cleansing.

The pH of normal skin surface is 7.6. Most soaps and shampoos are alkaline. Too much acid or too much alkali is harmful to the skin so no cosmetics should be too acidic or too alkaline. Although all cosmetics are claimed to be pH balanced, they do not actually offer any special benefits. Facial massage, mud packs, cleansing pores, facials, etc. can be very comfortable to use and can temporarily increase the beauty of the skin. But it does not have any temporary or long-term beneficial effects other than just feeling good or feeling good.

Large pores can be covered with an astringent, facial mask, or temporarily altered. But cannot be changed permanently. Astringent aluminum salt (VALUM) also called refiner. These irritate or irritate the skin and make it slightly reddish and cause puffiness on the skin. As a result, the face appears pink and the pores appear temporarily relatively small. The mask, which contains absorbent mud or synthetic basins, creates a coating on the skin of the face which makes the skin tight after drying. This substance, however, can cause slight discomfort.

Lubricating: Water is essential for maintaining skin moisture. Properly used emollients or moisturizing products can hold water in the skin for a short period of time, resulting in a moisturizing feeling. The emollient can give the skin a seemingly radiant and temporary soothing feeling. But wrinkles or aging of the skin cannot be stopped or slowed down. In addition, some emollients can increase acne. The most effective emollient but less used. It contains Vaseline, Minerals and Baby Oil. Then there is oil and wax. Less effective but more used are water / oil creams and moisturizers. Some lipids and oils can lubricate or lubricate the skin. A number of compounds such as oils and vitamin E are in demand for lubricating. Although hypoallergenic cosmetics help to reduce allergies and reduce allergies, they can cause allergies in some people.

Cosmetics that can cause allergic inflammation in the skin are difficult to diagnose and require both physician and patient time and effort and sacrifice. Therefore, if necessary, all cosmetics may have to be discarded. For those who suspect a cosmetic allergy, a type of test called a ‘patch test’ is performed.

Acne that is caused by cosmetic use is not allergic, but it is caused by the use of acne stimulants in some cosmetics and in all these cases water-based cosmetics should be used rather than oil-based cosmetics. Some soaps and acne stimulants. Specific creams and moisturizing soaps are therefore to be avoided for acne sufferers. It is very difficult to approve certain cosmetics. The general public needs to be able to diagnose the adverse effects of all cosmetics by experimenting with their own experience.


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