Using the Wrong Cosmetics can Damage the Skin

Using the Wrong Cosmetics can Damage the Skin

Wrong Cosmetics can Damage the Skin

We all use some cosmetics of our choice in our daily needs. Many may use the same cosmetics year after year but many of us have no idea how effective they are. As a result, we waste money and bring about the destruction of the skin. Cleansers, toners and moisturizers that have been used twice daily since the age of seventeen are no longer working at this age and facial lines are becoming more pronounced. The skin becomes dull and dirty, probably due to the wrong moisturizer or using different cosmetics. It is often seen that some women have become accustomed to using the same cosmetics all the time. Since they love the fragrance of certain moisturizers, it has become a habit.

Between the ages of twenty and thirty, the skin is very tight and the elastic strength of the skin is very active. Moreover, sebaceous glands and sweat glands are also very active. At this time many people have a tendency to clean their face well with soap. So it is better to use foam gel cleanser at this time, because these are not rough. Or at least those that have labeled flour on them, facials, cleansing bars, etc. These are face clean but soap free. With age, the production and excretion of oil in the skin decreases and during this time the use of more soap damages the skin. Most soaps are alkaline. So they are not easily washed and their effectiveness is impaired when using moisturizer. Most men and women still do not know how to clean their skin properly. Many of us clean our skin with cotton. However, the remnants of the cleanser may remain on the skin. However, the ideal for cleansing cleansers is to cut the baby napkin in half and dip it in hot water and then use it. This process can be done three times. When the skin is warm, this napkin can be used to remove dead cells or skin on any part of the facial skin (especially the folds of the nose, the chin where the dead cells may accumulate). In all those places, use it for the last time by dipping it in cold water. If used in this way every day, there is no need to take any other measures to remove dead skin cells.

Choose the right moisturizer: The first step before choosing a moisturizer is to choose cosmetics that may be acceptable for your skin. In this case, the formula used in moisturizer is secondary. The main advantage of moisturizer for morning use is that it must have the right ingredients to protect it from the sun. But for dry skin, moisturizer should have enough oil or fat. These are to be used on the cheeks, forehead and around the eyes. Special ice cream should be used to prevent any irritation or irritation in the eyes. If your skin is oily, using a mild moisturizer may be helpful. For this, use it around the eyes, on the edges of the cheeks and on the neck. Use an oil-free and non-acne moisturizer. If you have combination or combination skin, you need to use moisturizer for dry skin. As the skin changes, so does the moisturizer and the different parts of the face. For those whose skin is dry, chin and nose moisturizer should be used.

The role of cosmetics or moisturizers should be considered along with the seasonal weather. For example, in winter, you have to go for mild levels of different skin types. Women with oily skin should use a moisturizer used for normal skin. On the other hand, those whose skin is normal will use moisturizer used for dry skin and thus have to go towards mild doses.

On the other hand, when the air humidity is high in summer, a mild moisturizer should be used. However, at least sunscreen must have SPF-15. When the age reaches thirty, the elastic strength of the skin decreases. As a result, wrinkles and wrinkles start appearing on the face. So at this time there is a need to use anti-aging cosmetics. You may need to use extra moisturizer during this time.

What is the need to use toner? The purpose of using the toner is to clean up any residue on the skin after using the cleanser. However, the cleanser is not as heavy as it used to be, so there is a need to use a different toner. So using water instead of toner is sufficient and its drying effect is minimal. Using toner will make the skin feel relatively comfortable and tingly. But then use it to find out if it suits your skin well. For example, using toners / acetaminophen that are alcohol dependent will make the skin drier and in some cases it can cause skin irritation. Because the purer the skin, the more the environment will damage the skin. So these are suitable for those whose skin is oily and will work well when the skin is oily during menstruation.

Use of alcohol-free toner is beneficial for those whose skin is dry, sensitive and old or (in some cases) those whose skin is normal. Toner or astringent should not be used for those who have large pores in the mouth. Because it will cause more damage. If the moisturizer is not used in the specified area, the pores will gradually become blurred.


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