How to take Care of Dry Skin

How to take Care of Dry Skin

Dry Skin Care Tips

Many of us have problems with dry skin. It is annoying to many. Dry skin looks sick, looks like white dead cells and causes severe itching. Although dry skin is a common condition, especially in the elderly, excessive dryness of the skin can cause inflammation and itching. This is then called ascites eczema or winter itching. Dry skin problems vary from person to person and in many cases the cause is unknown. Some of them always mention the hereditary cause and describe the history of dry skin of many in their family. Others say it is more common in older people, when they are sick or as a result of changing seasons.

When the skin of black people is dry, it often breaks down and later the skin color becomes lighter. As a result, there is a big difference between the affected area and the dry area. This condition can also occur in children. This problem of dry skin can be eliminated after puberty as there is a lot of oily glands in the mouth and a lot of oil secretion in the mouth.

In mild hot and humid weather, dry skin is usually under complete control. Hot, dry weather moderately cleanses the skin but most dryness occurs in winter. When the cold air warms the inside of the room, the humidity suddenly decreases. The wind blows water from the palms of hands, lips and noses and from the trees and wood of the house.

Environmental factors are very important for dry skin. Repeated washing of the body with soap, solvents and antiseptics removes oil from the skin, damaging the skin immune system and causing 65 times more water to leak out of the skin than normal. When the humidity is relatively low and in dry and cold air, water escapes from the surface of the skin. Factors that reduce humidity include excess heat in the room and cold fresh air.

The only treatment for dry skin is to stop reducing the amount of natural oil in the skin and add extra oil to the skin. Pouring water on the skin is actually the cause of dry skin. Water draws the natural oils from the skin. Note that the oil keeps the skin soft and vibrant. Soaps and detergents pull in more oil. Bathing too much makes the skin dry and rough. In dry weather, bathing should be done once or less daily, and long-term use of hot water and shower and plenty of soap should be avoided. Fatty soaps or fat-rich soaps probably keep the skin less dry than deodorant soaps. Essential oils should be used on dry skin after bathing and at other times. The lotion is comfortable to use but has a high water content and low oil content and is not suitable for oily skin.

Mineral oils, bath oils or vegetable oils (such as olive oil) are good lubricants and can be used lightly if comfortable. Care should be taken to use oil while bathing. So that the skin is less oily and the bathtub does not become slippery. Creams and ointments are good lubricants but not comfortable to use. Urea rich cream is used as a common lubricant and works well. But it can also cause a burning sensation in temporarily cleansed and cracked skin. All lubricants should be used immediately after bathing and after wiping with a towel. There is no benefit in using it on wet skin before wiping with a towel.

Finally, there are many misconceptions about dry skin care. As some people think, dry skin can cause wrinkles on the skin, but dry skin never helps to create wrinkles and lubricants or moisturizing creams can prevent wrinkles. Dryness is only on the surface of the skin i.e. dead skin layer and these are seen in the form of fine lines. The dead skin layer always falls off and a new skin layer is formed. So no dry skin line is permanent. Wrinkles are mainly caused by the harmful effects of sunlight and age.

There is another misconception that food affects the skin. Even in a short time of starvation, the sebaceous glands of the skin can secrete the same amount of oil. So no matter what the type of food is and eating more or less oil has no effect.


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