What you need to know before taking care of your Skin

What you need to know before taking care of your Skin

Something about skin care

Before taking care of the skin, it is necessary to know the factors that depend on the beauty and health of the skin. Such as: 1) The good and bad of the skin is dependent on the skin of everyone in the family. 2) How much you are taking care of hunger, lifestyle, such as rest, exercise, etc., everything depends.

3) Outdoor weather, sun, cold, hot, how long you stay outside can also have an effect. So some rules need to be followed in skin care.

1) First of all, sun protection should be avoided as much as possible to protect the skin. But it is not possible to avoid it completely, so you should apply sunscreen or sunblock cream before going out in the sun. If sunscreen is not available, you can use calamine lotion, but apply moisturizer. Moisturizers can be used at any age, especially in winter.

2) Drink plenty of water for skin rejuvenation. Echaat 6 Large amounts of fruits, fruit juices, raw vegetables or vegetable juices, etc. will benefit the skin at any age or from any weather.

3) Try to keep the body weight properly. This is why proper diet and regular exercise should be done. This is because frequent weight gain or loss can cause the skin to lose its elasticity.

4) Excessive smoking or alcohol is as harmful to the skin as it is to the body.

5) These areas should be taken care of a little differently as there are not enough secretory glands around the eyes and around the neck. For this you should use more cream, oil or moisturizer.

6) Exercise regularly. It is quite beneficial for the skin and body.

7) Reduce facial expressions or facial distortions. The practice of squeezing the skin, sitting with hands on the cheeks, etc., causes tension in the skin and helps to increase wrinkles.

8) Use sunglasses when you are out in the sun.

9) In winter, apply enough moisturizer all over the body or use Vaseline after bathing.


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