What to do if the Skin folds Inflammation?

What to do if the Skin folds Inflammation?

When the folds of the skin are swollen, it is called INTERTRIGO in English, especially the folds of skin that fall on the parts of the body. This inflammation is more common in obese people, especially in hot weather. The affected area is under the breasts, armpits, groin of the thighs. It can also affect other parts of the body, such as the eyelids, the folds of the neck, the navel, the opposite folds of the elbows, around the anus, and even at the fingertips. Inflammation of the affected area can result in itching, constant friction and accumulation of sweat in the affected area in hot and humid weather, which can lead to inflammation and subsequent infection by bacteria or Candida. There can be many causes of inflammation in the folds of the vagina. When urinary capacity is low, humid environment, presence of irritating chemicals in urine and feces and presence of pathogens can cause inflammation.

Symptoms: In mild cases and in the early stages of the disease there may be sores and itching on both sides. The higher the level of inflammation, the greater the amount of discomfort. Initially, there may be mild redness or itching and later due to excessive inflammation, symptoms such as sores, discharge, runny nose, etc. may appear at the affected area. To diagnose, the patient should be monitored for diabetes, obesity, inability to hold urine, etc.

Treatment and Remedy:

1) The areas where the juice is leaking should be compressed several times daily with cold tap water or solution.

2) Cotton or bandage cloth should be placed between the folds of the skin so that it can be dried in any wet condition. Moreover, powder can be given even in dry condition.

3) Initially steroid or steroid mixed antibiotic ointment should be used 2/3 times daily on the affected area. But cannot be used in the long run.

4) Using calamine lotion will bring a feeling of coolness and comfort. If the Candida bacterium grows, some medications may need to be used.

Remedy: Changes in environmental conditions are most needed for remedies. Otherwise, it is not possible to cure and prevent this problem by using proper medicine. The purpose of climate change is to keep skin folds dry and provide adequate ventilation. The following measures can be taken for this.

1) Maintain cool and comfortable environment in residence and workplace. In this case, the air conditioning system and the fan can help. Arrangements should be made to allow air to enter the affected fold at least twice a day.

2) Clothing should be light and sweat absorbing. Nylon, wool and synthetic fabrics should be avoided. Prolonged sitting or driving is harmful.

3) Skin folds should be washed at least twice a day, kept clean and dry. For this you need to use talcum powder regularly.

4) Oily stimulants or cosmetics should be avoided. Because these can be harmful. Lotions, powders, gels, sprays are rather beneficial.

5) Children should avoid wearing napkins. Or it should be changed frequently. Especially when defecating.

6) Those who have problems with the ability to hold urine should be given special care and attention.


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