Winter Skin Problems and Remedies

Winter Skin Problems and Remedies

Problems that we usually encounter in winter include cracked lips, cracked skin on hands and feet, cracked eczema in the feet of the elderly and so on. Moreover, there are some hereditary skin diseases, the incidence of which may increase in winter. To get rid of these problems, we need to take appropriate preventive measures and if the situation becomes more complicated, we should take appropriate medical measures. But first you have to be aware of these problems.

First of all we are talking about the problem of winter eczema or itching in the elderly. This problem is really seen in old age, when they go to the doctor for itching problem locally or all over the body. Dry feet and itching are particularly noticeable. Symptoms begin to appear in early winter, when summer is no more, the relative humidity inside the house begins to decrease and cold and dry weather has to return.

Symptoms of dry skin can be seen anywhere on the body, but in most cases it is seen on the front of the foot (below the knee. The skin on the feet is dry and dead cells are seen, as it may become clear soon).

A similar process can occur in the chest, back, and upper and lower arms. When a ceramic or porcelain vessel explodes, cracks appear, which can occur in the affected area of ​​the patient. Later, watery juices may come out of the cracked area and later pus may form. In this case, instead of itching, the patient speaks of pain. Suffering from excessive itching or drying lotions such as calamine lotion, etc. on the affected area may increase the suffering. | This tendency for dry skin varies from person to person and some people talk about the tendency of the skin to become excessively dry or cracked in their lineage or family. Again, some say that physical illness increases with age, which causes more problems in winter.

Environmental factors play a very important role. Frequent washing with soap removes oil from the skin. As a result, the skin external defenses are disrupted and 75% more water comes out of the skin than usual. Other environmental factors include relative humidity loss. When it comes out in the dry cold air, water escapes from the surface layer of the skin. Reasons for reducing the relative humidity of the air include an increase in internal temperature. When it is cold outside in winter, dry air enters the house so that water vapor is less and the air inside the house becomes hotter and drier.

Treatment and Remedy:

1) The room temperature should be kept in a tolerable and comfortable condition.

2) If you want to use a heater in the house, you need to use a humid national heater.

3) You should not take more bath. (One or two days in a row) and bath water should be warm but not hot. Bath oil can be used.

4) Excessive use of soap, water, detergent or any other purifying substance should be avoided. Mild soaps (such as Dove soap) should be used.

5) Lubricant should be used more or less. If the skin is moist, it is better to use them, that is, it is better to use them on the body after bathing. 

6) should be treated according to the symptoms. In case of infection, oral antibiotics should be taken. Steroid creams should be used for inflammation. Lubricants should be used within a few hours of steroid use.

7) Vaseline cream is very useful and comfortable for adults.

In this case the use of urea cream is also satisfactory.

Foot cracking disease: This problem occurs when the weather is cold, i.e. if you wear heavy socks or use shoes or boots that cannot breathe to get rid of cold in winter, the feet absorb moisture. As a result, the soles of the feet may crack, especially where there is friction. It can spread first to the leaves and then to the edges of the leaves. Later the whole leaf may become infected and burst. This cracked feeling can sometimes appear on the hands.

All of these problems are mainly seen in children, decreasing with age and disappearing completely during adolescence. The average is no more after 7-8 years and after 14-15 years. This cracking process is involved in winter and gets better without treatment in late spring. May reappear next winter. Children talk of cracked feet and burning pain.

Treatment and remedies.

1) The treatment is not satisfactory. There is some relief in using steroid creams and lubricants locally. Steroid creams should be used twice daily and lubricants several times daily. Wet socks or shoes should be used immediately after opening.

2) Feet should not be kept wet inside the shoe.

3) Prevention includes wearing light shoes instead of school boots and using cotton socks instead of wool socks. And socks should be changed several times a day.

Different skin care in winter: First I am discussing how to take care of the body. In winter, dirt accumulates on the skin. So clean the skin regularly. Apply oil after bathing in winter. Because apply oil on dirty skin before bathing. Dry skin will also be reduced after bathing. In addition to applying oil in winter, use moisturizer all over the body once. If you do not want to use oil or moisturizer, you can apply a mixture of rose water and glycerin after bath. Then there will be no skin problems all day. In winter, if you heat the oil occasionally and massage it all over the body, the skin of the body will feel comfortable. Then wipe the body with a towel soaked in hot water and apply moisturizer.

Hand and foot care: Soak your hands in warm salt water once a week in winter. After a while, lift your hands, clean your nails, dry them and massage the cream. Then apply moisturizer. Soak your feet in warm water once a week for your feet. Add shampoo and a little salt to the water. Clean nails and ankles by rubbing with a toothbrush. Wash feet in clean water and apply moisturizer cream. Wash your feet every day and apply glycerin, it will reduce cracks in the feet and make the feet less dirty.

Winter hair problems: Outbreaks of dandruff can increase in winter. In that case use nizoral shampoo twice a week. Moreover, you can use it by mixing steroid lotion with salicylic acid. Fungus lice etc. can also appear in winter.

Things to do for children skin in winter: Never bathe in hot water if children skin is dry or has eczema. Take a bath in hot water. Use soap shampoo as little as possible. Apply the cream on the baby as desired during the day. Baby oil massage is comfortable for children in winter. Do not wear warm clothes for children in winter. Wear light and necessary clothing. This will make the baby comfortable. There is no reason to panic if you get scars on your face at this time. At this time the use of soap or water is completely stopped. Only --- apply cream.

Winter men makeup: If you want to shave in winter, use saving foam instead of saving cream.

* Do not apply after shave lotion after shaving. Because it will make the skin more dry. Apply a moisturizer instead. Cond cream can also be used. After a while, wipe with a tissue.

* Lips can be dry in winter, so apply a light cream on the lips. You can also use any baby cream or Vaseline.

Massage the oil on the body once a week.

* Use glycerin soap in winter. Use glycerin soap first while bathing. After wiping the body, apply body oil all over the body. Then pour water on the skin then wipe with a towel.

* You can also apply rose water mixed with glycerin on the skin after bath, it will keep the skin of the body taut.

* If the skin is more rough or cracked in winter, you must use moisturizer.

* Every time you wash your hands in winter, apply moisturizer while wet.

* Rub the elbow with a towel while bathing, clean the elbow and apply a mixture of glycerin, lemon juice and rose water.

* Apply hand and body lotion on the whole hand before going to bed at night.


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