Treatment of Sunburned Skin

Treatment of Sunburned Skin

The same thing applies with urgency when it comes to treating sunburn. Prevention is better than cure. Before treating sunburned skin, you need to have an idea about the nature of your skin, the intensity of sunlight, etc. According to the response of the sun to human skin, 30 minutes of exposure to sunlight in summer results in white skin being divided into skin types based on that tan.

1) Skin that can always be sunburned but never tanned.

2) The skin can be easily burnt by sunlight but very rarely copper.

3) The skin will burn moderately in the sun but will gradually become tan.

4) The skin will burn a little but easily loses copper.

5) Extremely colorful skin such as the Mongolian, Indian and our skin of black people in the Mediterranean.

6) The skin of black people in Africa.

Sunshine tolerance depends on the amount of melanin in the skin and the hereditary ability of each person to produce melanin as opposed to sunlight. Keep in mind that you can be exposed to sunlight in a variety of ways, even if you are in the shade, and your skin can be damaged by sunlight or polaroid. Even on a cloudy day, the effect of sunlight through the clouds, even if it is located at a high altitude, the skin can be easily damaged by sunlight.

Treatment and Remedy: The first and foremost way to cure is to use sunscreen regularly. Slightly sunburned skin will be light red or pink and may appear within 9 to 12 hours of exposure to the sun and may go away within 24 hours. In this case calamine lotion is very useful for comfort. Light sunburned skin will be bright red.

1) Cold tap water should be compressed on the affected skin. Do 3/4 times daily for twenty minutes.

2) Then use calamine lotion.

3) Use steroid lotion, gel, cream etc. locally to reduce pain and inflammation.

4) Aspirin tablets can be taken for pain.

5) Use antihistamine tablets to reduce the reaction.

In case of excessively burnt skin, the skin may become red. Blisters appear on the skin which can appear within two hours of exposure to the sun. The maximum dose may occur in two to five days and may improve within ten to twenty days.

However, it is better to treat a patient with severe sunburn by admitting him to the hospital. This is because of the need to use intravenous saline, especially if the infected person has nausea and cannot take food by mouth. So additional may be required within the first forty-eight hours. There is a risk of skin infection if sunburned too deeply. As a result, recovery may take longer. Grafting may be required in case of burns or wounds. Alfadyxy is the most effective drug for topical application. However, the entire procedure should be under the supervision of a physician to prevent such infections.


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