Ichthyosis Skin Disease Treatment

Ichthyosis Skin Disease Treatment

Ichthyosis of the Skin

Skin rash or ichthyosis is basically a congenital disease. In some cases, itchy skin may be caused by other diseases or by association with the disease or by side effects of certain medications. The symptoms of this disease are easily detected. In this case, the skin looks like fish scales without inflammation. Ichthyosis can be a disease or a skin rash. Only specialist doctors are able to identify its type and type.

Some of the major types of ichthyosis are: (1) ichthyosis vulgaris, (2) X-linked, (3) lamellar and (4) epidermolytic hyperkeratosis.

(1) Ichthyosis vulgaris: It is very hereditary and can have others in the family. At least one parent may have symptoms of the disease. There are no symptoms of this disease at birth. It usually starts within 3 months to 1 year of birth. The skin symptoms are similar to those of awkward brown angled fish scales all over the body. Especially the front of the foot is quite prominent. However, on the opposite side of the elbow and knee, there may be symptoms all over the body except the area around the armpits and pubic area. There may be no symptoms on the face and head. Also the skin of hands and feet is very rough and the skin lines can be quite clear. After all, the skin of the whole body is extremely dry. The symptoms are very obvious. On the other hand, it is in good condition in summer. All of these symptoms get better in the past, although in some cases they last a lifetime. No symptoms other than the above are seen and aesthetic problems are the main problem of these patients.

(2) X-linked: This type of disease can occur up to 3 months before birth and this disease is seen only in boys. Although hereditary transmission is through the mother. So baby mama can have this kind of disease. The symptoms of this type of skin rash are similar to those described earlier in ichthyosis vulgaris. The only difference is that the affected areas are wider and opposite the elbows and knees of the hands and the skin of the hands and feet is not as hard and rough as in the case of vulgaris type. Moreover, symptoms like fish ash can also spread in the mouth.

Other physical symptoms include cataracts (such as cataracts do not cause vision problems) and testicles are not present in the testicles. This type of skin rash is not good, but the symptoms can get worse with age.

Treatment and Remedy: The treatment of the above two types of patients is the same. Patients usually use oily creams, Vaseline or similar substances to prevent dryness of their skin. However, due to the dryness of the skin and the presence of fish scales, they live in a state of embarrassment. The role of glycerin in this case is significant. Because glycerin helps to retain skin moisture. Also, it is better if urea or salicylic acid can be used.


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