Ways to get rid of Itching

Ways to get rid of Itching

In the scorching heat of summer, itching is a common skin problem that can be associated with a variety of physical ailments. And those who suffer from itching spend their days helplessly in the heat. The question is what is the way to get rid of this itch? Before that you have to have some idea about Ghamachi.

Why does it itch? Sweat glands are present all over our body and are most prevalent in the palms of the hands and feet. The function of these glands is to regulate body temperature. So when one comes in contact with unbearable temperature, other processes are interrupted due to heat loss, just as sweat glands are stimulated. As a result, sweat starts coming out from the body. In the hot and humid climate of our country, the ducts and pores of the sweat glands are closed in summer. This causes retrograde pressure or rupture in the arteries. In different parts of the body and this closed sweat accumulates in the surrounding cells and tissues and causes inflammation and itching.

There may be several types of itching. There is a type of itching called preeclampsia or preeclampsia. The rash will look like a rash or a small rash filled with water. These are very itchy. At first it stays in an isolated state, then it forms a reddish area. It can occur anywhere on the body. However, it is more on the opposite side of the elbow and knee, on the inside, below the breast, above the waist, at the two corners below the navel. Sweat does not dry easily in these areas, so the areas sweat. Humidity This type of whip is factory workers who work in humid and hot environments and it is more common in children. There is another type of itching. Such infected people get fever by lying in bed and sweat a lot in their body. Blisters can be very small to look at, such as clear watery blisters on certain parts of the body, especially the chest and back. There is no itching or inflammation. In fact, they look like tiny dots of water. When there is eczema or inflammatory rash on the skin, there may be infection and pus inside the rash. May cause itching. This type of itching is more common in areas of the body where the skin folds.

Treatment and Remedy:

(1) The most effective treatment is to keep the patient in cold weather and not to stay in hot weather anymore. The itching will get better in a few days. Even one night in an air-conditioned room will greatly reduce itching and relieve the patient.

(2) The use of a constantly rotating fan will also help keep the skin cool.

(3) It is very beneficial to use calamine lotion and other such sedatives if itching is severe.

(4) Alternatively, it is applied on the skin and talcum powder 3/4 times daily to cure itching and itching.

(5) If the itching is very severe, antihistamine tablets can be used 2/3 times daily.

(6) In case of joint infection, antibiotics should be used.

(7) 2/3 times daily bath in cold water.

(8) It has been found that the use of vitamin C tablets helps prevent itching. Especially for those who have a tendency to itch. People who are prone to itching should take vitamin C throughout the summer.

(9) Ointment (not cream) is very useful for inflammatory itching.


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