Excessive Sweating Problems and Solutions

Excessive Sweating Problems and Solutions

We often encounter this problem in our daily life. The sweat that comes out of our body in hot weather does not want to dry easily and the body becomes quite sticky. This is a normal and easy process. Also, some people have a tendency to sweat excessively.

There are two main causes of sweating. (One) excess (two) foul smelling sweat.

Excessive sweating: Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. It can be of two types. Some parts of the body, such as the palms of the hands and feet, the armpits, the area between the two thighs and the area around the back anus. It can also occur on the tip of the nose, forehead, etc. The first and foremost cause of sweating in such local areas is emotion. It can also be caused by some diseases of the nervous system. Unexplained 1 diopathic hyperhidrosis that is caused by emotional feelings, such as anxiety, agitation, fear, etc., and is seen in the palms of the hands and feet and in the armpits.

Reasons for sweating all over the body: Excessive sweating can occur in very hot and humid environment. Moreover, it may be due to extra exercise and hard work. And of all the diseases that can be seen are the most common. It can also be caused by hormonal differences in the body. Such as diabetes, excess hormone secretion from the thyroid gland, pregnancy, the next stage of menopause in older women. Different types of cancer can be caused by different diseases of the nervous system and brain tumors. In some cases, there is excessive sweating throughout the body even after eating extra salt, pickles, tomatoes, etc.

Treatment: Some medications can be taken to get rid of this excess sweat but their use is very limited due to the high number of side effects. However, some sleep and peace of mind medications are effective. The most effective drug for topical application is 20% aluminum chloride hexahydrate. Apply on dry body every night and wash off in the morning. It is used to control one day a week when it gets better after 1 or 2 weeks of use. If that does not work, have a surgical procedure or lantophoresis or a device filled with water.

Stinking Sweat: Some of us sometimes have to face very embarrassing and unbearable situations due to this problem. It is more on the armpits. There are two types of sweat glands in our body. One is the apocrine and the other is the acrine gland. Sweat from the apocrine glands is usually sterile and odorless. But in this sweat a type of Gram positive bacteria is converted into fatty acids and the sweat smells bad.

Sweat secreted from the acrine glands, usually on the soles of the feet, under the breasts, at the junction of the arms, or behind the pubic area. Here, of course, the gland has no role. Keratin secreted by the skin causes bad breath under the influence of bacteria. In addition, various substances have effects, most notably garlic and arsenic. Now the question is, whatever the reason, what is the way to get rid of foul smelling sweat? The main goal of salvation is to keep sweat free of bacteria and this may be possible.

1) Wash the affected area frequently and use disinfectant or antibiotic soap if possible.

2) Use antibiotic ointment topically.

3) Clean the armpit hair.

4) Regular change of underwear.

5) Use antibiotic cream or powder for smelly sweat on the soles of the feet or between the toes. Moreover, if you use half an hour of potassium permanganate solution every day, your foot odor will go away in a few days. Above all, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.


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