How to Apply Foundation on Face Step by Step

How to Apply Foundation on Face Step by Step

Use Foundation for Face

The purpose of using foundation on the face is to add color to the face, to cover different types of spots or blemishes and to eliminate the difference in color of different parts of the face. Foundation is a cosmetic that patients often ask their doctor. Foundation is used on all faces, it is possible to bring dramatic change in appearance by using these.

The foundation covers the facial scars. This is why most patients with acne or other facial skin problems use more foundation. The formulas, types and colors of the foundation are varied. Which can confuse both the physician and the patient. In this chapter I will try to give the foundation of the face and after using it properly I will try to focus on different skin types like dry, normal, oily, mixed etc. There are four main formulas: (1) oil-dependent, (2) water-dependent, (3) oil-free, (4) water-free.

Oil-based Foundation: The color of oil-based foundation is mixed with oil. The oils used are mineral oil and linen. Also vegetable oils like coconut oil, sesame oil etc. can be combined. There is no change in color when using foundation. The color is well mixed with oil. As a result, oily substances have very little effect on the face. This type of foundation is easy to use.

Water-based Foundation: Water-based Foundation contains a small amount of oil in the mouth. Inside which the color dissolves, there is a relatively large amount of water. This foundation is more popular and is used for normal skin and slightly dry skin. The use of this type of foundation also changes the color - as part of the color mixes with the oil.

Oil-free Foundation: The oil-free foundation that is available in the market lately does not contain any animal, vegetable or mineral oil. This type of foundation is made for oily and acne prone face. The manufacturers claim that this type of foundation does not add acne-causing substances. Here the color of the foundation dissolves in water. Lack of oil on the skin makes you feel dry. This type of foundation has the potential to change color. This type of foundation should not be applied to the face where it should be used as the paint may mix with the oily substance and water of the mouth and other aqueous substances easily evaporate. Otherwise it may spread.

Water based Foundation: Water based foundation or water proof foundation, it has no water. Vegetable oils, minerals, lanolin and synthetic esters are suitable for use in oil stains and those who have stains like wax blends. The dyes used in all foundations are titanium-di-oxide and iron oxide and sometimes ultrasaril blue. Titanium-di-oxide is used to cover facial scars and as a sunscreen. Foundation Telco and Caroline are used which are desirable to absorb oral discharge.

Which Foundation to Use? 

The basis of the face may be different. As liquid cream, dehydrated cream, stick cake and bake lotion. Liquid foundations are more popular. Because these are easy to apply and can be seen on the skin after application. As a result, the skin will look normal and this is the current fashion. Whatever foundation you use for your face, make sure it matches the color of your face. This is quite difficult because the nose and throat may contain more red color than the forehead and chin. Rules for choosing the jaw line to match the foundation with the skin. Where it can be mixed evenly with the skin under the chin. Color should be chosen in sunlight, not artificial light. Otherwise the foundation cannot be selected properly.

Usually the foundation of the mouth should be applied gently with the fingers of the hand. The forehead, nose, cheeks and chin should be applied evenly in a circular motion, all the skin of the face and even the lips should be applied evenly. The bottom should be used gently with the latest puff or sponge. As a result, no spots are seen and light fur can spread on the face. Special care should be taken that it does not spread to the hairline of the forehead, above the ear lobes or below the chin. The amount of time should be given after the application, so that the light touch does not move the foundation.


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