What Face Cream To Use?

What Face Cream To Use?

The use of various cosmetics has a role in the practice of facial beauty. These cosmetic products have a wide range of uses for different creams or creams. But many of us do not know what ingredients or chemicals are in any cream or what kind of cream is suitable and beneficial for the skin. So the details are highlighted in this report.

Cosmetic creams have traditionally been marketed and sold through promotions claiming their effectiveness, so consumers can learn about cosmetic creams from written labels such as cold cream or night cream. But these are not the right ideas. The user must have accurate knowledge about this. Then it is easy to choose the right cream. Now let us know from the table below the effectiveness of different creams and choose the suitable cream for yourself accordingly.

Cleansing Cream: Regular skin cleansing is essential for skin health and radiance. It can be used to cleanse the skin of sebum, oily substances, fine cells, chalata, various secretions used in various makeups. For this purpose, the cheapest and most effective way is to clean the face or skin with water. But it is not possible to clean the oily substance or oiliness of the skin using water.

This can be done using soap or any other cleaning detergent. There are some drawbacks to this process, such as the need for a soapy bathroom. On the other hand, using soap can remove excess oil from the skin. As a result, the skin will become dry and rough. Cleansing creams or lotions can easily and comfortably clean the skin for water and oil soluble efficacy. Moreover, they are made in such a way that their use harms the oily substances in the skin.

Rules of use: Apply cleansing cream or lotion by massaging the skin with the tip of finger. It separates sebum or dirt from the skin. The next step is to clean the cream with a tissue or cotton. At the same time dirty makeup etc. will be cleaned.

Cold Cream: There is a class of emulsions related to cleansing creams which are collectively called cold creams. The name Cold Cream has been coined because it brings a feeling of coolness to the skin. There is a historical background to the use of cold cream. Cold cream is one of the oldest emulsion creams like cosmetics. It was made with ordinary natural wax and wax and vegetable oil or olive oil. Mineral oil is currently being incorporated into cold creams.

There are two major drawbacks to using mummies in skin creams. The first is the specific smell of mummies. Although not uncommon, cold creams used in skin care may not be as fragrant.

Cold cream typically uses 5 to 6 percent mummum, while borax can use 5 to 16 percent neutral mummum. If the amount is low, the cream may become soft. So other cream waxes are also used. So that the cream can be relatively strong. In addition to wax, benton chemicals can be inserted as an alternative.

Night and Massage Creams: Night or massage creams are traditionally formulated in such a way that the skin can be massaged even after a few hours of using the creamy ingredients. Therefore, this type of cream is used in stages like highly oily, oily water, light hard and thick liquid creams.

The advantage of using the cream at night or overnight is that using this type of cream maintains the moisture of the skin. Moreover, it can create a kind of smoothness on the skin. Nowadays, over time, nourishing creams are also used, although in reality their role is not as great as that used in advertising. Since the outer lining of the skin is made up of dead cells, the skin can be modified to act as a medicine by using a nourishing cream or hormone cream from the outside instead of the aesthetic effect. So we have to be careful about this.

Massage creams have some role in skin care. Massage cream is rubbed and applied to the skin. Therefore, as a result of extra rubbing or massage, dead cells, dirt, etc. on the surface of the skin are removed. Helps to keep skin healthy by increasing blood flow to the skin.

Vitamin creams: There is disagreement about the benefits of using vitamin creams for the skin. Some people say that applying a lot of vitamin cream locally on the damaged skin due to lack of vitamins is quite beneficial for the skin. On the other hand, some people think that vitamin deficiency in the skin as a result of normal diet is very rare and although it is seen, it can be eliminated only by taking vitamin-rich foods and medicines.

Moisturizing Cream: The name of the most widely used moisturizing cream indicates that the use of this cream protects the skin moisture. The use of moisturizing creams is one of the most talked about benefits of skin creams.

Normally the amount of water in the skin needs to be normal to retain the moisture of the skin. So if for some reason the amount of water in the upper skin decreases. The lack of water from the skin layer is met. As a result, the skin moisture is reduced and the skin ability to expand can be reduced. And this extension can be maintained by protecting the skin with oil.

Dry skin can be of two types. The first type of dryness may be due to low humidity and poor ventilation. Second, dehydration can be caused by the aging process and loss of skin oiliness.

Measures that can be taken to prevent this dryness of the skin are clogging, humactant, preservation of lost ingredients.

Closing process: Vanillin is used in this process. Mineral oil, vegetable oil, Vaseline and silicone are also used.

Humactant name used in the second process: These can be used to protect the skin moisture by taking water from the air. However, it is not possible to restore the skin elasticity through this procedure. The moisturizers used as moisturizers are: glycerol, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and sorbitol etc. can be used individually or in combination. Whether or not the cream reaches the skin when using them, at least the skin retains moisture.

The moisturizer used in the third process is the emulsifier: The term emulsifier refers to a condition that gives a feeling of smoothness and well-being only when the skin is touched. It is possible to maintain skin moisture by using emollients. The list of tools is endless. Since any liquid, partial liquid or solid substance has a low melting point which has this property, it can be listed.

Popular water soluble emulsions are glycerin sorbitol, propylene glycol and various lipid substances. Oil soluble emulsifiers are: hydrocarbon oils, waxes, silicone oils and vegetable oils, fats, alkyl esters, fatty acids and alcohols, as well as other fatty alcohols.

Mineral oils and silicone oils are not easily removed from the skin, so they are also used in bata trim and cleansing creams.

The use of Vaseline as an emollient is worldwide. Although many say it can cause skin irritation and allergy problems, it does not cause sensitivity to healthy skin and is of considerable importance as an emulsifier.

Vanishing and foundation cream: The term vanishing refers to all creams, lotions that are easily applied to the skin and are easily absorbed from the skin as a result of use.

Foundation Cream: These are for daily use. It protects the skin and cleanses the skin. So the foundation cream will make the skin oily and spread evenly so that any makeup can be applied on it. The foundation creams currently available are really beautiful and long lasting because they contain only essential and moisturizing as well as sunscreen ingredients.

Hand & Hand & Body Cream: Hand skin is one of the most unprotected parts of body skin. The hands are more damaged than the face. So it is very important to maintain the protection and smoothness of the skin of the hands.

The main feature of hand creams or lotions used by hand is that the hands used should be soft and smooth and the cream should not stick, they are usually colorful and lightly scented. There is basically no difference between cream and hand and body cream. However, in many parts of the body. Lotion is easier to use than cream.

Hand or hand and body creams can be easily applied to the skin; But massaging the skin is not as easy as vanishing cream. Creams and lotions are more popular. These creams or lotions contain skin protection ingredients and are also used to protect the skin.


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