What is a Proper Hair Care Routine?

What is a Proper Hair Care Routine?

Proper care for hair and adherence to certain rules. First identify the main disadvantages of your hair. Take a look at the names and qualities of different shampoos, conditioners and cosmetics from different reputed hair companies and check if it is suitable for your hair. Eat a balanced diet. Do regular light exercise. Try to get enough sleep and stay worry free.

So that the oil extracted from the head can spread all over the hair of the head and so that the hair does not get tangled.Those whose hair is round at the end, their hair is soft, their hair is neat. Shampoo your hair before it gets dirty. Apply conditioner after each hair wash. Cut the ends of the hair every six weeks.

Those whose hair is curly: Curly hair is thick, unruly and not easy to comb, difficult to style, what to do in such a situation? Curly hair is usually more curly when dry. If your hair looks like this then you should not wipe too much after washing your hair. Do not cover your hair with a towel or use a hair dryer. In cases where the roots of the hair are not strong enough or the hair is dry, spray the ends of the hair up and down without blowing.

* For those who have long curly hair, using hair spray will increase the power to keep hair straight.

* Be sure to use conditioner after washing hair for curly hair. Since curly hair is often dry.

* Hair will be better if you use intensive or dense conditioner every week.

* When the hair is half dry, if you put your hand inside the hair, the feeling of playing with the hair will be maintained.

* Use oil on medium long curly hair.

* Never try to keep the hair straight using a roller, it will damage the hair.

* If you are embarrassed about your curly hair, use a hair relaxer every six months.

For those whose hair is straight: For those whose hair is straight, it is better to accept the condition of straight hair than to do anything. If your hair looks long and heavy then it is better to curl it. For those whose hair is short and medium long, it is best to brush the transient curly hair with a hot brush or curling iron.

* When drying hair, use a thick spray on the roots of the hair.

* Those whose hair is arranged in a few small layers, should have a light perm once a year.

* Use conditioner from the middle of the hair to the top. However it should not be used at the beginning of the hair; Because if you use it at the beginning, the hair will show leaks.

* Brush the hair up and down and clean the hair by placing the tip of the hair dryer near the hair.

* Keep the ends of the hair short regularly. Otherwise the hair part will be clean. Whose hair flies in the wind. This type of hair is only for those whose hair is thinner, less dense and leaking.

* It is better to keep the hair short.

* Spread the hair evenly.

* You can also keep the hair thick to prevent it from flying in the air.

* Maosi will make the hair look thicker and clean it if used on 20% wet hair.

* Rinse with water using conditioner.

* Do not keep the hair extra dry. Then combing will not be easy and the hair of the head will be more sticky.

* Brush your hair well before using hair spray.

* Do not use hair styling products.

* Those whose hair is thin and oily should use conditioner before washing their hair. But keep in mind that the older you are, the thinner your hair will be and the looser your head will be.

Whose hair is more like a pile of straw: your hair can be dull, brittle. Hair will be brittle in any process of sun combing, air pollution, use of hair dryer and heating of hair. So what to do here -

 * Use thick conditioner once a week to restore hair structure.

 * Once a week, massage the scalp with two ounces of hot oil, then leave it for fifteen minutes with a light warm towel so that the oil penetrates into the hair. Then use shampoo.

* Never use too much shampoo on the hair to reduce the natural oiliness of the hair. This can make the hair brittle.

* Gently massage dry hair using shampoo with fingertips.

* Use a protein hair mask twice a month to prevent moisture in the hair and increase the shine of the hair.

* Wash hair with lukewarm water, because excess hot water will dry hair.

* When and when not to brush. Stir lightly. Do not use chemicals and extra dryer. Because it will make the hair drier.

* Vitamin B complex national vitamins should be taken regularly. Avoid fatty and salty foods.

Those whose hair is oily

* Shampoo once a day.

* Do not brush too much hair.

* Keep hair short.

* Eat fruits, vegetables. Eat less fatty foods and fried foods, avoid butter, cheese, whole milk.


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