The Formula for a Beautiful and Fit Body

The Formula for a Beautiful and Fit Body

I want a balanced diet for a beautiful and fit body

A balanced diet is essential for a healthy, strong and beautiful body. Proper health is not possible without balance of food quality and quantity. So it is seen that if we have extra fat in our daily diet, our body becomes fat. At the same time, various diseases, especially heart disease, can increase the risk. Similarly, eating extra fat, starch, etc. can also start diabetes. Excess salty foods help raise blood pressure. So we want food to be moderate and necessary.

Before discussing balanced diet we need to have some idea about different foods and accordingly we have to develop the habit of eating moderate and necessary food by being careful towards different foods. First of all, I am talking about fat national food. The fatty foods we eat are made up of carbon and hydrogen molecules. When a carbon molecule has two hydrogen molecules with it, it is called saturated fat. And any hydrogen lost from the chain is called unsaturated. 

Saturated fats are mainly found in animals, such as beef, mutton, mutton, etc. Milk and dairy foods such as cheese, butter, etc. contain saturated fats. Coconut and palm oils also contain saturated fats and are used in food factories. Food processing can turn into unsaturated fats but into saturated fats or animal fats. These are called hydrogenated vegetable oils or fats.

Saturated fats, especially polyunsaturated fats, are commonly found in oils collected from various seeds and nuts and fish. Monounsaturated fats are the best fat for cooking because their cooking temperature is very strong. Because it will not be hydrogenated. Monounsaturated oils include olive oil, rapeseed oil and peanut oil.

Cholesterol is a complex fat. It forms a structure with the saturated fat stored in the blood vessels of the body, causing the blood vessels to constrict and close. So the more saturated fat you eat, the higher your cholesterol levels will be. Polyunsaturated fats actually lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart attack. If you want to change the diet of fatty and non-vegetarian foods, fatty foods should not exceed 60 grams.

Non-vegetarian food: We have noticed that when we eat fatty foods, we should try to reduce the amount of fat. But this rule does not apply to vegetarian food. We should eat at least 30 grams of nutritious food along with the non-vegetarian food we eat every day. One of the benefits of eating fiber is that it fills our stomachs but does not increase the extra calories. This method is quite useful for those who want to diet. Meat that is found in soil based foods like rice, beans, vegetables, fruits etc. is not found in animal foods like meat, cheese, eggs, milk etc. The second ingredient is asparagus, which is good for everyone. Stomach problems such as constipation and bowel cancer.

However, it is not difficult to consume 30 grams of fibrous food per day. The demand for 25 grams of fibrous food can be met by eating tomatoes and other salads along with the main food.

Use four formulas

1) Reduce fat, sugar and salt in the diet. 2) Eat more ash foods. 3) Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. 4) Always keep variety in the food list.

Choosing Your Daily Food: What to Buy When Going to the Market:

(A) If you want to buy fatty foods: Buy low fat foods. Buy olive oil, beer seeds or corn oil for cooking. Buy Nanitola or partial Nanitola milk in advance. Buy less creamy milk. Buy more fish or chicken. Buy liver, low-fat meat as a piece of farmer meat. Stop buying chocolates, cakes, biscuits.

(B) For sugary foods: Buy low calorie cold drinks or fruit juices without sweets. (One glass of fruit juice contains five teaspoons of sugar). Buy canned fruit with natural juices. Eliminate sugary foods. Buy fresh fruit and nuts without salt. Eliminate foods like glucose, sucrose, dextrose etc.

(C) For non-vegetarian food: Bread, chapati, pitha etc. must be included in the food list. For a full variety of foods, buy flour instead of white flour. There is a lot of hope with all this. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten.

(D) Salty foods: The daily requirement of salt in our body is not more than 1 gram. But due to various prepared foods or food brought from the shop and salt used in cooking, table salt, etc., our salt content can increase by 10 grams, so

1) Do not buy fish or meat preserved with salt. 2) Eat pickles, mustard, etc. instead of salt. 3) Avoid salted nuts. 4) Buy less canned and packaged.

Cooking food caution: 

Do not fry fatty foods. For frying, it is better to use a small amount of monounsaturated oil, such as olive oil, rap seed color (-) oil. Using a nonstick pan or frying pan for cooking will reduce the use of oil or fat. If there is excess fat in the meat, remove it, if it is chicken, remove its skin and do not eat the skin. Pour out excess fat or oil that is used in cooking various foods and keep away from vegetables. If you want to make food from milk, use Nanitola milk. Do not use condensed or long lasting condensed milk. Always remember that cakes, pastries, pizza, etc. are a lot of fatty foods. Try to avoid these.

Caution should be exercised when cooking sugary foods: Use half the amount of sugar used in making any food. This type of process can be used in many foods and is often misunderstood. Use artificial sweeteners instead of sugary foods to make sweet foods. Do not place sugary foods on the dining table. Tendency to eat sugary foods if at hand. Will increase. Cut down on sweet drinks.

Caution in salty foods: 

Use less salt in cooking rice, vegetables etc. Gradually reduce the amount of salt used in different types of cooking. If possible bring it down to half level. It is better to use herbal ingredients for perfume in cooking. The risk of using excess salt in cooking will be reduced. Finally, I would like to say again, do not put salt on the dining table. Because if there is salt near the edge, bad habit of eating salt will develop.

Caution in non-vegetarian food:

 Eat boiled potatoes without peeling. Make a habit of eating flour bread instead of flour. Beans are very cheap, full of fiber and nutritious. So make it a habit to eat more of these. Make it a habit to eat fresh fruits instead of fruits that are part of the pudding diet.


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