What to Do to Be Slim?

What to Do to Be Slim?

If you want to get a beautiful attractive figure or health, it is essential to keep the figure slim. So some rules, some exercises, some specific food lists, some

Advice needs to be followed. But first of all you have to check yourself first, are you completely satisfied with your body weight now? Or do you feel overweight? 

How many pounds or how many calories do you think this weight is extra? Many people think they are fat or fat but in the eyes of others they feel right.

So we have to judge ourselves, how much is our body weight? If we are overweight, it is advisable to seek expert advice before slimming about when we should lose weight for good health. Proper examination should be done under the supervision of a doctor before dieting.

(1) Calorie control: Calories are the amount of energy stored in food. Some foods are low in calories, such as vegetables. Again, some foods contain a lot of calories. Eating more calories than the amount of calories consumed in daily energy results in accumulation of body fat and weight gain. And if the amount of calories is equal, it will be possible to keep the body weight stable. But if you want to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than energy foods.

Breaking down the fat stored in our body will meet the body need for extra energy food. However, if you want to maintain good health, just as you do not have to lose weight, you also need to include the right food or balanced diet in the diet. 100 grams of food produces 41 kcal of energy.

The second stage of slimming is moderate metabolism. Metabolic process is the process by which the body keeps us alive and active.

Exercise: If you can exercise for 15 minutes, which will get some fat from the fat, it will instantly increase the rate of metabolism and help to keep the muscles in good condition. On the other hand, a low calorie diet can reduce the amount of exercise you need to exercise, or reduce the rate of metabolism. Many people are dieting in the wrong way to lose weight fast. Such as eating only fluids instead of the right foods. Adopting a slim diet of high calorie foods, when taken in moderation, does not restore the previous health, so slimming is like tormenting the useless soul and depriving oneself of food and spending it on fasting. Trying to be slim again at first is relatively easy but later it is quite difficult, so we should follow the right formula.

Only exercise can keep you slim, increase exercise and burn calories. No moderate exercise increases appetite, but extra exercise increases appetite a lot. If you find that exercise increases your appetite, fill your stomach with low calorie foods to satisfy that appetite. It will not gain weight but will be able to interfere with the slimming process. So it is seen that those who are active in daily life can consume more total body calories than others. As we get older, our ability to work decreases and our calorie expenditure decreases. Some changes in eating habits can lead to weight gain in middle age. On average, women need to burn 2200 calories per day to get a good working life, but those who spend most of the day sitting. They can only lose 1600 calories of energy. In men, they consume 2500 to 3500 calories.

Many people have a misconception about dieting that those who are a little overweight will become accustomed to a very low calorie diet, because they have to lose a lot of weight so the less they eat the more they will lose weight. Because if you want to go on a diet, you have to remember that under no circumstances should you eat less than 1200 calories a day. A successful diet is one that will satisfy the diet, maintain nutritional value, be consistent with lifestyle and will not compromise on freedom of eating. This dieting method should have enough food so that you do not get hungry and it is not so strict that you feel dissatisfied. This dieting method should include daily meals and other family members should be accustomed to it. You may think that this method is impossible. However, for all food choices, calorie selection has become the basis.

The control system must have the necessary nutrients for good health. Therefore, for dieting, the amount and type of food from the previous meal should be as follows:

8 ounces of protein or non-vegetarian foods (such as fish, chicken, meat, cheese, eggs, beans, etc.).

12 ounces vegetables to include in salads.

12 ounces fruit.

8 ounces of starch (bread, potatoes, rice, etc.).

Half pint skim milk.

Studies have shown that currently 1600 calories per day is enough for a woman, which was earlier fixed at 2000 calories.

So if you really want to lose body weight, you can reduce your excess weight through a combination of diet and exercise and hopefully you will be able to get the desired results. Try to be very aware of the times of the day when you are most hungry. It is not possible to control food due to changes in mood during hunger. Try to overcome this problem by drinking a low calorie drink with some fresh vegetables like carrots, cucumbers etc. before the next meal to satisfy your hunger at this time. It is important to remember that you must have a strong desire to be slim. Otherwise it is not possible to get success just by working. Here are some tips for successful slimming:

1) Eat 3 times a day.

2) Do not rush into food.

3) Whenever possible, try to eat natural foods, such as vegetables, fruits, etc.

4) Exclude fatty foods from your diet.

5) One thing to remember is to always be moderate, it applies to all things like exercise, food or drink.

6) Try to increase your work ethic.

7) Do not overcook the food you need.

8) Use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar in tea and coffee.


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