Eye care Tips for Beautiful Eyes

Eye care Tips for Beautiful Eyes

Everyone likes to see beautiful Kajal black eyes. Only beautiful attractive eyes are able to properly express the beauty of the face. That is why eye care and makeup / makeup are a huge part of beauty care. Proper eye makeup can make you attractive to others.

However, special care should be taken regarding eye care and cosmetics. This is because if the cosmetics are not used properly or misused, it can often lead to unwanted damage. Because the eyes are more sensitive than other parts of the body.

Eye care can be protected from damage by regular eye care and rest along with makeup. 

In Eye Care

The whole process of eye makeup, selection of cosmetics for eyelids, eyebrow beauty and use of cosmetics etc. can enhance the beauty of the eyes. This discussion includes what cosmetics need to be used for the beauty of the eyelids.

Cosmetics to protect the beauty of the eyelids: Cosmetics used for the beauty of the eyelids are very popular among women. Because every woman wants her eyes to look attractive and pleasing to the eye. Cosmetics used to enhance the beauty of the eyelids include mascara, eyeliner eyelash dye and eyelash petals. The same type of cosmetics cannot be used for all women to protect the beauty of the eyelids. Especially those who use contact lenses, who have allergic problems in their body or eyes. Special cosmetics are taken for women with acne and older women.

Talking about Mascara: 

Mascara is one of the most widely used cosmetics for the beauty of the eyelids. The eyelids can be thickened, thickened and stretched with beauty. The petals of the eye act as a frame for the eyeball, so the beautiful petals make the eye attractive. There are two types of mascara available today. One is dependent and the other is solvent dependent. Water-based mascara contains wax, pigments and resins - which are soluble in water, resulting in emulsions. With the use of such mascara, a portion of the water is blown into the bumper and the quick purifying material remains on the petals, making the petals look thicker and darker. As this substance is soluble in water, its use is also difficult. For example, it is difficult to use in sweat and tears. However, some mascaras have water insulation written on them. These mascaras contain a large amount of wax, which helps the pigments to stick to their petals. Water-based mascara has one more problem, and that is that it can easily become infected with bacteria. However, the use of parabin preservatives does not cause this problem. An applicator or brush is given along with mascara. Liquid or cream mascara is applied directly with applique. To apply cake mascara, soak a brush in water and then rub the cake. Use only mascara on the eyelids. Care should be taken while applying so that it does not get on the eyelids. Always use a small amount of mascara. Apply the powder after a couple of minutes of applying mascara to apply well. Then use mascara again. 

This Process.

As a result of adoption, the eyelids will look thicker, blacker and more enchanting. If you apply eye makeup using mascara, the eyes will be quite prominent and bright.

By using more than one color such as brown eye color will look better. If you want to enhance the look of your eyes or make them attractive, use a darker color on the outer edge of the upper eyelid. Use it with a nice, thick brush on the socket line above the eyes, you will get good results. It will look very professional.

The use of eyeliner is also a necessary work to enhance the beauty of the eyes. To use eyeliner, start using it from the blink of an eye. But do not close your eyes. Because it will stain the skin of the eyes. When the eyeliner stops working, blade your eyeliner with a brush to give a soft feeling.

Highlighter can be used to enhance any part of your face or eyes. Do not use stark white. Because it will look tough on the eyes and make sure you mix it on the eyeshadow already applied. This will create beautiful soft and bright highlights.

The eyebrows act as the eye frame. So using eye pencil and applying makeup on ivory, it can be painted in different ways. Use a wedge-shaped applicator and wipe off excess paint with the back of your hand. You can apply color to the eyebrows and be able to cover any gaps in between.


Using eye shadow on the eyelids will create extra beauty in the eyes and also increase the brightness of the eyes. However, care must be taken in the use of color. Whichever color you choose, it can lightly blend into the skin of the eyelids to create a shade. If you can apply the eye shadow properly and bring out the appropriate color shades, it will definitely create a beautiful beauty in the eyes. Use eye shadow in night decoration. Colorful shadows near the skin can be applied during the day and at various occasions.


Eyeliner can be used as an alternative to kajal to draw black lines on the upper and lower eyelids. The eyeliner is slightly water proof and does not cause abnormalities in contact with the water that accumulates in the eyes at normal times. It is possible to make the eyes really beautiful and attractive by following the above mentioned procedure or method in eye care.


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