Cosmetics for Eyebrow Beauty

Cosmetics for Eyebrow Beauty

Just as beautiful black eyes easily enhance the beauty of the face, a pair of attractive eyebrows can easily catch everyone eye. This is because the shape and width of the eyebrows have long been considered a feature of fashion. So proper care is required for the beauty of eyebrows. Eyebrow shape needs to be adjusted when applying eye makeup. The shape of the eyebrows should be determined by considering the shape and size of the face. Three types of cosmetics are used to enhance the beauty of eyebrows. These are - pencil, sealer and dye.

(1) Ivory pencil: Ivory pencil is used to lighten and blacken gray eyebrows in case of scattered eyebrow hair or eyebrow hairless. Also, there are special uses of ivory pencils to maintain the structural similarity of those whose eyebrows are not properly formed or have grown inconsistently. The chemicals used in ivory pencils are a combination of pigment, Vaseline and synthetic or natural wax. These are used with a wooden pencil or in the form of a rod inside a plastic holder. In fact, the formulas used in ivory pencils and lipsticks are the same, except for the wax melting. Different colored pencils are available in the market.

(2) Ivory sealers: The purpose of using these is to properly align unruly eyebrows and increase the brightness of eyebrow hair. White Vaseline used to be used in jelly cellars, but now more flavoring substances are being added. Sealers are a type of liquid hair spray that is packaged inside a mascara type tube and applied to the eyebrows with a brush. These are the eyes of the seal

Eyebrows are very thick or random, this type of hair is used to keep it close to the edges of the eyes or those whose eyebrow fur is neatly arranged need an eyebrow sealer to keep it in an aesthetically pleasing line. If you want to remove the ivory sealer after use, you can easily wash it off with soap and water.

(3) Dyes used on eyebrows: Dye can also be applied on eyebrows like scalp. However, it is important to note that the dye should not enter the eye under any circumstances. Ivory used in most homes is of the metallic type, usually containing lead or silver. All of these metals have to be applied for a week and the formation of sulfide results in yellowish brown or black color on the eyebrows.

Choosing the right cosmetics for eyebrows: Eyebrow shape can be abnormal due to various birth defects, surgery or various diseases such as alopecia areata is common, hypothyroidism, leprosy, traumatic wounds and some other conditions. The exact position of the eyebrows on the face should be determined before creating the correct shape of the eyebrows. The inner edge of the ideal eyebrow should line up from the outer edge of the nose so that it does not coincide with the inner corner of the eye. The highest curved part of the eyebrow will be the line drawn from the same end of the nose upwards and will meet the eyebrows in a straight line through the eyeball. And the outer edge of the eyebrow will be a straight line from the same side of the nose to the outer corner of the eye and will go up and meet its outer edge.

If eyebrow hair is to be raised especially to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the eyebrows, it should be done from the lower edge of the eyebrows. Eyebrow fur should not be pulled from the top line of the eyebrows, otherwise the expression of the eyebrows may change the expression of the face and the beauty of the eyes. If the distance between the eyebrows of the two eyes is more, the expression of the face will express surprise. On the other hand, if both eyebrows are very close to the eyes, the face will look smaller and wider. If the eyebrows are not in the right position, you need to get an idea about the correct position of the eyebrows by using cosmetics. With the right combination of eyebrows, success can only be achieved through the eyebrow-like hair implant procedure on the eyebrows. If the operation is not possible, the beauty should be maintained in the hairless place with ivory pencil. If a line can be drawn with a little pressure with the help of a pencil, then it is possible to bring more naturalness than drawing a straight line with a pencil at once. If the facial foundation has already been used on the eyebrows, then it is possible to easily retain the beauty with an ivory pencil.


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