Ways to Take Care of the Feet

Ways to Take Care of the Feet

Many people have various problems or difficulties in their legs. But sadly, very few people are aware of this. Foot care and health care is rarely valued as much time and money is spent on caring for and beautifying other parts of the body. It is undeniable that there is a great need for foot health and beauty care. By emphasizing the importance of the feet, if the whole body weight has to be borne by the feet, then the feet have extra sweat glands and there are more sweat glands in the legs than any other part of the body except the palms of the hands.

The type and effectiveness of socks in foot care is of considerable importance. This is because the hot and humid weather inside the socks and shoes causes a lot of sweating and helps in the growth of different types of germs. Regular sock washing and alterations can interfere with the growth of bacteria or fungi, but can lead to recurrence of the infection. The use of rubber shoes disrupts the normal ventilation of the feet. This condition can play a more active role in increasing the risk of foot infections. So choosing the right socks and shoes for foot care and its proper use is quite important.

When wearing shoes, choose leather shoes. This is because leather shoes have a special role in absorbing sweat and removing bumpers. It must be understood that there is no substitute for properly sized and properly wearable shoes.

Some Foot Care Rules:

(1) Feet should be washed with soap and water at least once a day. After washing, talcum powder or foot powder should be used to dry completely, especially the finger joints.

(2) The water and soap used to wash the feet in case of foot infection or in case of infection must contain antiseptic ingredients.

(3) Although the use of disinfectant cosmetics is widespread nowadays, the use of many substances often causes harm. However, substances that contain antifungal and antiseptic ingredients can be used if they are compatible with foot discomfort.

(4) There are many types of cosmetics for use on the feet. It contains anti-depressant and analgesic, anti-perspirant and anti-fungal ingredients. Cosmetics used on other parts of the body, however, are quite compatible with cosmetic products used on the feet.

(5) Doing leg exercises every day will help reduce stress on the feet. When you return home from outside, wear flat shoes or stay barefoot. Regular foot exercises and massage will help to overcome leg damage and fatigue.

(6) One of the aspects of foot care is nail care. After washing your feet with warm water every day, massage using foot cream or foot oil. This will create a relaxed state in the tired muscles. Blood circulation will increase. As a result, the feet will be safe from various problems of circulatory system. Keep toenails short. When the nails become soft after washing, cut the nails straight. Do not go to create the shape of the nails. It can cause nail formation.

(7) If for any reason the leg is injured or the ankle is swollen, it is better to soak the foot in hot water and lie down on the pillow.

(8) If the foot problem persists all the time, it is recommended to seek expert advice.


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