Foot Washing and Foot Problems and Treatment

Foot Washing and Foot Problems and Treatment

Since the legs are a part of the body and the legs do not get much exercise, tight fitting or tight elastic barriers in the legs can reduce blood flow to the legs. Washing the feet in hot water increases blood circulation and removes sweat from the feet. In case of temporary bacterial infections, washing the feet with water helps to soften the hard and thick skin areas of the feet.


Its use keeps feet dry. And keeping the feet dry is essential to prevent fungus. These powders are good to have antifungal or antifungal substances. The use of powder prevents infection through shoes.

Foot Pre: 

The purpose of using these is to keep the feet cool and fresh. These may include antiseptic, antiseptic and anti-perspirant powders. They can be sprayed on socks or stockings and are very useful in an emergency.

Foot Cream: 

Of all the treatments used for pain relief and relief, foot massage is the most comfortable. Foot cream is very beneficial for foot massage and it also contains antiseptic ingredients. These foot creams contain a mixture of anti-perspirant, anti-foot painkillers, blood circulatory enhancers, foot coolers and even oily feet. There are small spots or dots on different parts of our feet that are connected to other parts of the body. If we imagine our mature body as a map, tapping one part of the foot will create a feeling of instant relief in the other part of the body. 

The following formulas can be used for various foot problems.

(1) For foot pain: Mix four ounces or one hundred grams of sea salt or one tablespoon of washing soda in a container with lukewarm water and keep the feet wet to get rid of foot pain.

(2) To get rid of cold of feet: Mix one teaspoon of mustard powder in hot water in a pot and apply it on the feet to get rid of cold of feet.

(3) Foot bath or foot bath: For those who walk a lot regularly or athletes or those who walk barefoot, using the following formula will be quite comfortable for the feet. Dip one foot into warm running water, mixing two tablespoons of salt and one tablespoon of borax. Then dry the feet and massage well. Especially massage the soles of the feet.

(4) Oil for foot massage: Massage with three tablespoons of olive oil or sunflower oil and four drops of clove. Or a cream mixed with three tablespoons of almond oil and three drops of lavender oil is an ideal foot cream.

(5) Cream mixed with six tablespoons of lanlin, four tablespoons of almond oil, three tablespoons of glycerin, two drops of lavender oil is an ideal foot cream.

Foot problems: 

Stiff feet: Due to not wearing the right size shoes, the skin becomes hard and stiff due to repeated pressure on the same place of the feet. Repeated rubbing of shoes on toes and leaves can also cause stiffness. There is no pain in the neck. But putting pressure on the wrist can cause pain. However, if it is hard, it is not right to cut hard with scissors or blades by yourself or others.


* Apply forty percent salicylic acid plaster on the affected area.

* Place a cotton pad around it so that it does not put pressure on the ring.

* Apply overnight or you may need to apply xy for 5 to 7 days in a hard pan.

* Then open the dressing and soak your feet in hot water.

* Clear white, soft and moist skin which can be seen after opening by rubbing with hard towel or jhama stone.

* The same process may have to be repeated if necessary.

* Sometimes it is possible to get rid of the symptoms by applying steroid injection under the ring.

Effective treatment: 

Just removing the infected bracelet does not eliminate the cause, so the bracelet has to be removed for all the reasons like unhealthy shoes or any deformity of the feet, whether the weight of the feet is right or not. Move, otherwise the bracelet will appear again. So if you have the right size shoes, X-ray, any deformity of the foot, etc., you should take the advice of a good orthopedist. Nowadays, stickers are available in various drug stores which can also be used for good deeds. If you have more pain in the neck, you can get relief by dipping your feet in lukewarm water for 10/12 minutes.


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