Something to do in Nail Care Tips

Something to do in Nail Care Tips

Nails are a collection of hard cells made of a substance called keratin. These are made of dead cells. So their nutrition cannot be done from outside. To enhance their beauty, they need to take balanced and nutritious food and take proper care of their nails.

The part of the nail that penetrates the skin horizontally is called the matrix, and the little white part of the matrix that appears to be crescent-shaped at the base of the nail is called the lunula. This part is very sensitive, so it is easy to get inside. The matrix nail is made up of a combination of proteins and certain types of chemicals. The hardness or softness of the nails depends on their physical nature. Illness and malnutrition result in physical condition as well as nails and weakness. However, a balanced and nutritious diet, moderate protein, iron, calcium, vitamins, potassium, iodine are needed for healthy and fresh skin, hair and physical health as well as beautiful and healthy nails.

The cuticle is the hard skin at the base of the nails and along the two corners. The function of this cuticle is to protect the nail base or matrix from germs, water and substances harmful to the nail from various infectious diseases. Excessive use of alkaline substances such as laundry detergent often causes the cuticle to rupture or irritate.

Nails grow naturally according to its natural rules. Nails usually grow 1/4 inch per month. Nail growth is faster in summer than in winter. In addition, fingernails that work more and grow faster.

Nail care: Proper nail care is required to make the hands look beautiful. Beautiful nails should look like nuts, the edges should be at the base and the tip should be smooth. Excessive heat, cold, alkaline substances or excess water are harmful to the nails.

Something to do in Nail Care 

(1) From the wrists to the fingernails and toenails should be washed twice a day with mild soap and water.

(2) Wipe with a dry towel after washing.

(3) Hands and feet should always be kept dry.

(4) After washing, apply a little cream or lotion or oil on the skin.

(5) Very useful for nail polish or enamel nail decoration. These can be used to increase the brightness of the nails. Nails do not break easily as they are used to thicken nails.

(6) Do pedicure (for toenails) once a week for beautiful shape of nails.

(7) Apply a small amount of olive oil, hand and body lotion, cream or cuticle softener on the nails every day, press the cuticle with cotton and push back and apply evenly on the nail base. As a result, the nails will stay good for a long time.

(8) It is better not to cut the nails with blades or scissors to keep the shape of the nails, because it contains soap to bake the nails. Moreover, if you have a habit of cutting nails with your teeth, you should give it up. Use a sharp nail clipper to cut the nails.

(9) Once a week, apply 3 teaspoons of olive oil on the palms of the hands, fingers and toes, wait 20 minutes and then wash off with water. As a result, the palm of the hand will become rough and extra shiny and hard.

(10) Those whose nails are easily broken should eat 1 or 2 teaspoons of gelatin mixed with fruit juice every day. Benefits will be available within a month. However, it can be very useful.


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