For Dandruff Free Hair Tips

For Dandruff Free Hair Tips

Dandruff is one of the most common hair problems in adolescents. This creates a very embarrassing and uncomfortable situation, especially for those who often suffer from this problem. In fact, getting rid of dandruff does not require much medication, it can only be controlled with proper application of certain rules and medications and in most cases complete relief is available.

When dandruff occurs, almost everyone can easily see the symptoms and understand that there is dandruff on the head. Dead leukocytes, especially without oily rash, spread throughout the head and in severe cases itching, red rash all over the head. In some cases, recurrence of the infection can complicate the whole picture. Long hair, inadequate hygiene, excess oil secretion from sebaceous glands or sebaceous glands and accumulation of excess oil which prevents proper cleansing of the scalp.

Let us give a little idea of ​​how dandruff occurs. The skin of our body is constantly changing and living cells are turning into dead cells at the end of maturation. Disruption of this normal process results in rapid growth of the epidermis, the outer lining of the skin, before the cells mature.

 Dandruff occurs due to insufficient time and rapid secretion of these immature cells.

After washing the hair with detergent in normal condition of the scalp, 4,6,000 cells are found per square centimeter of the scalp.

And in case of dandruff, the number of these cells can increase up to 6 lakh. Normally, the number of nucleated cells in the hair under normal conditions is 3,600 per square centimeter, but with dandruff this number can increase to 24,000.

The exact cause of dandruff is still controversial. Dandruff can be a type of inflammation of the scalp, which can affect the oil glands on the scalp. Current observations show that there is no presence of excessive secretion of oil glands in the head of Asha. However, hormonal factors can be considered because dandruff is not usually seen before puberty. Various experiments have shown that dandruff contains a large amount of yeast of one type of fungus. However, whatever the cause, dandruff can increase the state of emotional tension, stress, stress, etc.

The following issues should be thoroughly evaluated for the treatment of dandruff.

(1) Some patients complain of dandruff on the head but in fact they get itchy due to the presence of lice on the head and this can be confirmed by looking at the presence of lice on the scalp. In that case the patient can be cured through proper treatment of lice.

(2) Some dandruff patients can get rid of dandruff only if they keep their head clean regularly.

(3) Soap is less effective. Especially if the sick hair comes out with water. It should usually be washed with shampoo and mild hot water instead of cold water. Because hot water can clean oily substances well.

(4) Like other parts of the body, the head should be cleaned every day. Those whose hair is quite long and cannot be washed every day should wash their hair as often as possible. At least when the hair becomes dirty or dandruff will start.

5) The patient should understand that washing too much hair does not result in hair loss or hair loss. Just like bathing every day does not cause any damage to the hair on other parts of the body.

6) Shampoo should be used after massaging all the scalp and hair. No matter what shampoo is used, the amount should be at least enough to create foam on the scalp and it will stay on the hair and scalp as long as it is massaged. If the hair is not completely clean, if there is no foam in the hair then shampoo should be done again. Must be cleaned neatly with double use.

(7) Many people have the misconception that dandruff may be due to hair being too dry and that is why they use a lot of oil on their hair. However, the use of this oil can temporarily cover the dandruff and prevent the hair from being cleaned properly. This is because the sole function of the shampoo is to emulsify the scalp and hair oil and to remove dirt, bacteria and white dead cells from the scalp. If you have too much oil on your head, you will need more shampoo. And if there is oil, dirt, bacteria etc. on the scalp, dandruff will be created. Dandruff will eventually get worse. Therefore, the patient should understand that there is no need to apply oil on the head and if there is fungus or fungus on the head, the oil should be avoided.

If white dead cells remain on the scalp even after cleansing the hair, make a cream with 25% urea glycerin, 3% salicylic acid and 15% alcohol and apply on the scalp at night. Sulfur-containing substances or selenium-sulfur-containing shampoos can be used which are beneficial for scalp fungus.

In conclusion, if dandruff cannot be eradicated even with proper precautions and proper treatment, expert advice should be sought.

 Shampoo is to be used three times a week. The shampoo should be kept on the scalp for 10 minutes, otherwise the shampoo may not be as effective. The following points must be kept in mind before using shampoo.

1) Once used shampoo the result does not last more than 2-3 days. So you have to wash your head accordingly.

2) Frequent use of shampoo for severe dandruff may not be good. For this reason treatment should not be stopped.

3) Shampoo should be kept in mind for a long time to work properly.


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