Treatment and Cure of many Lip Problems

Treatment and Cure of many Lip Problems

Many of us have a lot of lip problems. Someone lips are turning black, someone lips are changing color. Some people have an inflammatory problem on the lips, or cracked lips, peeling of the skin of the lips, or allergies to the lips using cosmetics. Moreover, there are various problems like pain in the lips, burning, swelling of the lips etc. The causes of the above problems need to be found out first, then treatment is not possible.

It is hoped that discussing these issues separately will help readers understand:

(1) Lip skin rash:

Many people who have this type of problem have mild inflammation of the lips and skin rashes for no apparent reason. In most cases, the upper lip is affected and comes out of the lip like a tiny cell and sometimes moves. This problem is likely to persist and recur.

Some people have chronic inflammation of the lips and occasional skin rashes. Cracked lips can also be a problem. As a result, there may be problems like lip pain, burning, etc. In this case, the lower lip is more affected. This type of inflammation can also be caused by chewing lips with teeth, exposure to sunlight, various diseases like psoriasis, dandruff etc. Lipstick, toothpaste and anything else that can cause lip irritation or discomfort. Inflammation can also be caused by sensitivity to lotions and other substances before or after shaving.


* The only ideal treatment is to remove it by exposure.

* Use steroid creams locally.

* Zinc oxide ointment is very useful for chapped lips.

(2) Lip allergy due to contact:

 Symptoms of lip allergy include dry lips, chapped lips, swollen lips, swollen lips and swollen corners of the lips. Lip allergies are usually seen along the outer line of the lips. Exposure to lipstick, nail polish, cigarette holder, cosmetics, food, lip sunscreen balm, lip gel, etc. can cause lip allergy. Moreover, various fruits such as oranges, mangoes, lemons, etc. can also come. From communication.


* Substances that cause allergies should be avoided.

* Use steroid creams locally.

* Use anti-histamine tablets for oral consumption.

(3) Inflammation of the lips in sun or sun:

Inflammation of the lips, especially the lower lip, can be caused by the effects of intense sunlight for many years. In these cases white dead cells may appear on the lips, the lips may swell and rupture and in rare cases there may be lip cancer.

Lip sores due to medication:

 Some medications can cause sore or sore lips as a side effect. Sunlight can also help with this problem. The symptoms are painful to the touch but no swelling of the lips. The pain or problem may last for weeks.


 In all these cases, the disease will be cured only if the use of drugs is stopped.

(4) Inflammation in the corners of the lips:

This problem is seen in the corners of the lips in old age. It can also be caused by the use of dentures or sagging of the upper lip and cheek in old age. Inflammation in the corners of the lips can be further complicated by an East Candida infection. Other causes include vitamin B deficiency or diabetes in the face of diabetic patients, AIDS patients may have such problems.

Treatment and Remedy: Proper placement of teeth in the elderly, dental cleansing and treatment of all dental problems can get rid of this problem.

(5) Black lips:

 Many women often complain that their lips have become black and what to do, how to get rid of it and so on. In most cases, cosmetic misuse can result in black spots on the lips or blackening of the lips. This problem can also be caused by using extra lipstick or any cream. Even if you apply very thick lipstick or do not sleep without lifting the lipstick, black spots can appear on the lips many times. In that case there is nothing to do. However, regular use of Vaseline is beneficial. Moreover glycerin can also be used. Mixing lemon with raw milk and massaging the lips is also beneficial in home remedies.

Men can also have problems with black lips. However, in most cases, it may be due to smoking. So they have to quit smoking. The cream can be used according to the doctor advice for black spots. It is advisable to stop using lipstick for women.


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