What is Panchforan? Why is it given in cooking?

What is Panchforan? Why is it given in cooking?

Panchforan is a mixture of five different whole spices or forks. Panchforan is used in cooking along with the main ingredients to enhance the taste and aroma. If the panchforan is not cooked properly, the taste of cooking changes. Adding Panchforan spices before starting cooking enhances the aroma and taste

These five spices are fenugreek, anise, white cumin, black cumin and mustard respectively. The combination of these five spices is fivefold.

If you give panchforan on any branch, a very nice smell comes Adding five chunks of dried chilli and bay leaves to the mug dal doubles the taste of the dal.

In case of vegetarian curry, pumpkin curry or potato curry also panchforan gives a very nice smell. Adding panchforan to the potato chutney increases the aroma and taste.

 Fish is cooked with panchforan, onion-garlic or ginger, mustard. In case of tanned meat, bay leaves, dried chillies and panchforan spices are used.

The presence of all kinds of spices in the kitchen is absolutely necessary. Try using Panchforan, you will understand the difference by yourself.


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