How to keep the body fit? Adhere to this yoga

How to keep the body fit? Adhere to this yoga

To keep the body fit

To keep the body fit and reduce stress levels in life. If you do yoga according to the rules to get rid of all the problems. You will benefit from this.


Do Vrikshasana Yoga to keep the body fit and balanced. This seat works great for reducing your stress and arthritis pain.

How to do Vrikshasana:

Stand up straight. This time, bend the right leg at the knee and apply it to the left thigh so that the feet stick to the thigh. Place both hands on top. In this case, inhale and exhale in the opposite way thirty times.

Utkatasana -

Utkatsana seat 5 minutes at home without going to the gym will benefit from it.

Here how to do it:

Stand up straight. Keep the two-legged leaves 6 inches apart and keep the arms outstretched in front. Now break your knees and do breathing for 30 seconds while sitting in a chair.


Tadasana is a great yoga to retain youth. Just 2 minutes of yoga is enough to increase height and keep the body taut. Rules should be followed every day.

How to do Tarasan:

Stand straight with your feet together. Take a deep breath and slowly lift both hands and ankles to the side.



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